School Year of 2010

Teacher Ting, Pei-Yuan,
Department of Business Management

The interdisciplinary professional service learning curriculum is a goal which each college/university spares no efforts to achieve. Since the school year of 2007, Teacher Ting has worked with Department of Commercial Design to organize the “Business Administration Professional Service Learning” courses, which will present the results achieved by each excellent project teams to the public each year and benefit more non-profit-seeking organizations. Meanwhile, the courses may enable students to do what they are good individually and learn how to communicate and coordinate with each other in a group to complete any tough work. The interdisciplinary group instructed by Teacher Ting wins the recognition of CYCU Holistic Caring Award each year. The team was also honored by Youth Development Administration of Executive Yuan as the excellent regional peace volunteer group in the school year of 2009. The results achieved by the group in the past years are amazing. Students may better understand the combination of profession and self-development, and possibility thereof, via the service learning. “The important things mean the communication and trust learned by students from the teamwork.” We expect that the university life may not only provide students with knowledge but also serve as the important stage of their personality development.

Teacher Lu, Yen-Hui,
Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies

Teacher Lu, Yen-Hui has participated in the school-wide “service learning” courses organized by the Center for General Education since the school year of 2007. Meanwhile, she organized the service learning courses combining professional courses for the Department, by applying the theories in English learning in real life, and training CYCU students’ energy for “service learning” based on the service experience in “English pictures book volunteers”. Teacher Lu has been invited to share her experience in English picture book volunteer in elementary schools of Taoyuan County for many times to exchange CYCU service learning experience with the other schools. The English picture book volunteers instructed by Teacher Lu for three years consecutively have provided services to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families in Zhongli, Angel Heart Family Social Welfare Foundation in Zhongli, Chensenmei Sanatorium in Zhongli, Ten-Cheng General Hospital in Zhongli, and Women & Children Center in Zhongli. The service group has won 2nd place, 3rd place and excellent work for Holistic Caring Award for Education and Guidance in the past three years. The picture book volunteers bridge the gap between “adult” and “child” through the dialogue between the picture books and children with different needs, and open the voyage of heart for each other.

Teacher Chen, Chi-Peng,
Department of Interior Design

Associate Professor Chen, Chi-Peng has been dedicated to research and maintenance of cultural assets permanently. He works hard to preserve and maintain the completeness of important cultural assets in Taiwan, upgrade the active management of historical assets and quality management, guide local residents to participate in the maintenance work, establish the concept about voluntary management of local cultural assets, strengthen maintenance and activation of cultural assets, and upgrade the contents of cultures. Notwithstanding, in fact, the “cultural construction work” requires the survey and research conducted by considerable human resources for considerable time, recording of the local historical cultures and natural environment, design of activities to interact with the local residents to fulfill the care for community, and considerable professional knowledge in cultures. Therefore, Associate Professor Chen, Chi-Peng led the undergraduate and graduated students of the Department to engage in the community service with enthusiasm and due diligence, in order to enable the students to better understand the local cultural assets in the process of participation, and do what they are good as they learned from the school in the process of interaction with the community, try their best to help the community and learn from each other, interact with the community and establish the solid relationship with the community, and feed what they learned back to society.


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