School Year of 2013

Teacher Chang, Hua-Sun, Department of Landscape Architecture

Teacher Chang, Hua-Sun and the other teachers of the Department have led the whole sophomore students of the Department to Liugui Township, Kaohsiung County at 2nd semester of the school year of 2009, and spent a half of the semester in discussing the planning of permanent housing in the affected areas in Xinkai and Xinfa buried by the landslide in the form of participatory design. At 1st semester of the school year of 2010, Teacher Chang, Teacher Yu, Chao-Ching and Teacher Lin, Ching-Yi, together with Architect Hsu, Po-Jui, led five volunteer students to help the villagers of Le Le Village, Taoyuan Township, Kaohsiung County suffering from 88 Flood organize the “Future Public Space and Housing Design Participation Workshop”. Then, at 1st semester of the school year of 2010, they also helped the residents of Pi Tang Community, Tucheng District who wished to develop the organic agriculture plan and design the agricultural experience and learning space, led the students to conduct interview and prepare the map and picture books in Smangus Tribal Village, Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County, and worked with Jincheng Community in Bade City, Taoyuan City and Siaoli Elementary School to improve the living and campus environment. Teacher Chang hoped to lead the students to communicate with more different cultures and peoples through the service learning courses, helped them establish the bond with other people and empathy through communication with people physically, and enabled the students to link with what they learned in school and the problems and needs in the real world by design and improvement on physical spaces.

Professor Chen, Chi-Peng

Professor Chen, Chi-Peng advocated the “poor design”, believed that people with poor economic condition should also enjoy good space, spaces which satisfy the people should be created, and the recognition and reward received therefor mean the life experience which cannot be measured in terms of money.

He taught the students the idea about how to participate in learning service physically in the CYCU spirit of “service learning”, combined the “interior design” courses and led the senior students to develop in the professional design area and also communicate with local residents personally to know about their life styles and cultures. The students may combine the profession learned by them in university with their life to create a more comfortable living space for the old, middle-aged and young people in the community.

In indoor or outdoor activities and courses, Professor Chen, Chi-Peng has spread the seed of care for the society in each student’s mind, and taught the students to value various all aspects, exert their professional knowledge, feedback to each corner of the society, and expand their skills and qualifications in the process of providing services.

Teacher Liao

Teacher Liao was invited by Teacher Wang, Ju-Yu and Teacher Ting, Pei-Yuan to join the professional service learning group of the Department of Business Administration in the school year of 2009, in order to lead the students to draft marketing proposals for the disadvantaged NPOs and work with the students of the Department of Commercial Design to design the advertisements and promotional materials.

Then, for the following years, the teachers and students worked with each other to practice the profession in marketing management for business administration in real life, learned how to contribute their profession to the society and what they learned, and learned how to communicate and coordinate with their partners with different specialty. All of these refer to the precious experiences that they would never have chance to receive in any other courses. The students who took the courses attained remarkable achievements in work performance or the graduate school entrance examination after graduation.

Unlike the other courses, the service learning courses are harder for the students, but the students may get more sense of accomplishment from such courses!

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