School Year of 2014

Teacher Lu, Yen-Hui,
Center for Teacher Education

Since the school year of 2007, Teacher Lu has never stopped organizing the service learning courses for seven years consecutively. Teacher Lu always devoted himself to teaching and service learning activities in the professional service learning courses organized by the Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies and Center for Teacher Education, and led students to participate in the service learning activities based on innovative approaches and to apply what they learned from the class to the real life and provide service to the society. Teacher Lu has planned and trained the overseas service learning group in CYCU for four years consecutively. He trained the students to engage in overseas English service learning activities for Cambodia and Myanmar, etc. and, therefore, accumulated plentiful results and led CYCU to take the leadership in the area of overseas service learning. Teacher Lu was so enthusiastic about service learning activities that he not only led students personally to engage in service learning activities throughout Taiwan and overseas but also worked hard to promote the service learning idea through special lecture to guide teachers and students of the other colleges/universities who desire to engage in the service learning.

Teacher Liao, Hsiu-Li,
Department of Information Management

Teacher Liao has continued to lead the students to practice their profession in information management in the service learning activities since the school year of 2003, and also organized the “Management Science” course combining service learning activities at the Department of Information Management to enable the students to know how NPO works and practice the management skills in planning, organization, leadership, coordination and control, and also train students to take the social responsibility. In the most recent three years, he has led the students to win 13 national awards and 7 regional awards, helped senior high (vocational) schools train the seed teachers and students for service learning, and also instructed students to set up the farm websites of Wufeng Township, Hsinchu and Fuxing Township, Taoyuan and help market agricultural products and bed & breakfast.

Teacher Liao participated in overseas service learning activities with enthusiasm, and helped the APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) record the public digital English teaching materials and set up the question database, which were translated in five languages made available to diplomatic allies. He also led students to engage in IT volunteer service at ADOC and six schools in Khon Kaen City, Thailand, and also donated one LEGO robot as the tool to help writing of programs, acted as the medical record system advisor of Mae Tao Clinic at the Thai-Burmese Border, participated in the exhibition held by the National Service-Learning Conference to display his service learning results of Tai Mali Village and Bunun tribe village in Taitung.

Teacher Chen, Li-Yu,
Department of Interior Design

By upholding friendliness, creativity and care as his mission, Teacher Chen utilized his specialty in space design and art creation, and combined the courses and implementation to provide the creative services to community public welfare groups and social welfare organizations. The primary results include:

1.    Work with private enterprises to organize the urban creative art corner public welfare fund-raising activity, raise the fund totaling NT$1,200,000 for Ai Jia Development Center and Private Kang Fu Intelligence Development Center, and execute the environmental quality upgrading plan.

2.    Enter into the interdisciplinary cooperation with Department of Electrical Engineering to engage in the creative service learning course plan of Ministry of Education, complete the creative renovation and decoration for environmental protection of the furniture recalled by Lohas Preschool and the Carpenter’s House. The “Design Plan” and “Creative Communication” courses organized by the Department of Interior Design won the Awards for Excellent Teaching of Ministry of Education in 2014.Meanwhile, the courses also won 2nd place of the excellent regional peace volunteer group award-environmental service by Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education and 1st place of the CYCU Holistic Caring Award for creative design.

3.    Joint investigate the Digital Learning Within Online Tutoring Service Plan of Ministry of Education and Lohas Learning Within Tutoring Service Plan to provide services to the disadvantaged child students in rural areas and communities.

4.    Lead overseas students to help Fongbin Primary School in Hualien complete the production of lockers with the recycled materials from their graduation exhibition, and develop the cultural and creative products with recycled waste old door frames and chair foot materials and develop the products for public fund raising for the Carpenter’s House.


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