School Year of 2015

Teacher Chin, Tsung-Chun,
Department of International Business

In the past seven years, Teacher Chin, Tsung-Chun has led the students of the Department of International Business to provide the new immigrants’ children and disadvantaged children with such services as tutoring, group activities, and life education at Si-Wei Elementary School of Yangmei, Zhongli Elementary School, Nei-Ding Elementary School and SOS Children’s Villages to have the children feel love and kindness and, therefore, trust themselves and others.  Teacher Chin’s group consisted of local students, overseas Chinese students, Mainland Chinese students and exchange students. Mainland Chinese students saw the value and meaning of life by providing the services. In the past two years, Teacher Chin worked with Chi-Ying Senior High School to lead senior high schools to provide the services. In summer vacation of 2015, a group of the students from California State University Monterey Bay came to Taiwan to participate the service learning and thereby deepened the international exchange and cooperation between both schools.

Teacher Liao, Ching-Jung,
Department of Information Management

Teacher Liao, Ching-Jung has researched and developed the social-type digital learning system in the cloud environment since 2008, and obtained the R.O.C. Patent for his “Multiple-Player Instant Interactive System and Approach Thereof (I378415). He also combined the System with the “Magic Board”, and applied the same to the special education and one-to-one distance education available to students suffering from rare diseases, in order to solve these students’ difficulty in schooling. In the most recent four years, Teacher Liao executed the “Online Tutoring Service Plan” of Ministry of Education and introduced the “cloud service” model into preschools. Meanwhile, Teacher Liao also extended his bases to other preschools to complete the paradigm shift to enable more preschool children to have the chance to join the digital angel volunteer plan, and stay and also grow with their big buddies. The preschool children often need more time to adapt themselves to environment, as they leave their family of origin. Therefore, they are frequently suffering from frustration in learning and feel faithless toward their future as they always think that they cannot do any things successfully. The education cloud tutoring system provides the online tutoring and learning services as the  paradigm of university students that may be learned by the preschool children. Meanwhile, the big buddies may verify the real meaning of the “cloud service” by practicing the courses. In February 2015, Executive Yuan identified the “Online Tutoring Service 2.0” as one of the six major plans for “Online ID”. Our concept and achievement on the distance counseling and tutoring have been signified accordingly. 

Teacher Chang, Yao-Jen,
Department of Electronic Engineering

Chair Chang, Yao-Jen of Department of Electronic Engineering was selected as the excellent service learning teacher for the third time this year. In 2014, he was also awarded the excellent service learning teacher by Ministry of Education. He has engaged in service learning for 9 years and acted as the member and examiner for service learning planning for Ministry of Education for many times. In 2012 and 2013, he was selected by the Annual National Service-Learning Conference as showcase. The students instructed by him have won the excellent national youth volunteer group honored by Ministry of Education for three times (nation-wide 1st place of IT Service Group in 2012 and 2013, and nation-wide 2nd place in 2014).

Teacher Chang led the students to engage in the services personally. The students might find that some conflict existed in something that they had taken for granted. Because of the physically and mentally disabled, we saw the resilience of life when encountering difficulty and frustration, and how they work hard for their own life. Teacher Chang believed that said thoughts should mean the positive inspiration for students, as they changed the students’ idea about the world and guided the students to think in a different way and transform gradually. What is education? Teacher Chang believed that seeing real things is education. The response showed by the students during the service learning reflects the truth showed by the physically and mentally disabled with their life. Teacher Chang believed that as long as the truth is found, people will be moved. We provide services to them with our knowledge, and they give us inspiration with their life.

After the nine years spent in the service learning, Teacher Chang found that the border between service providers and service recipients would disappear, as during the service learning, we were also identified as the service recipients. Teacher Chang believed that leading students to engage in service learning would be the best present that he could give to the students.


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