School Year of 2017

Awarded teachersExperience

Department of Landscape Architecture

Teacher Lien, Chen-Yu

Department of Landscape Architecture has been dedicated to boosting the service learning courses permanently. Therefore, Teacher Lien joined the service learning team under such atmosphere. In the past years, such courses as “Arts & Space”, “Environmental Experience” and “Community Development and Public Participation” has led the students to pay visit to communities and engage in the service learning in the form of problem-based learning (PBL). In 2016, the “Arts & Space” courses were honored by Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education as the excellent course teaching plan under the service learning incentive plan.

The students attending the courses have frequently commuted from Zhongli to Xizhi by train or headed for Gongxue Community nearby CYCU voluntarily in the mid of the semester, in order to engage in the PBL through active interaction with the locals, combine the theories learned from classes and practice them in real life to fulfill the environmental reconstruction. Teacher Lien was very satisfied about the positive effect and reward achieved by the students through the teamwork, exercise of participatory design, and development of professional knowledge and positive attitude.

We appreciate the strong support from the Service Learning Center’s greatly!

Center for Teacher Education

Teacher Lu, Yen-Hui

Teacher Lu has engaged in combining the professional English education and service learning activities for so many years, who leads the students to apply what they learned physically, trains future English teachers to provide professional services to the society, and upgrade the rural area child students’ motive and effect of English education.

Meanwhile, Teacher Lu has kept planning and training the overseas service learning group for English education in CYCU each year. The students trained by him would engage in overseas English service learning activities for Cambodia and Myanmar, et al..

In the domestic or overseas English education service learning activities, the group led by Teacher Lu became the leading group in the area of domestic/overseas English education service learning and won numerous service learning awards inside and outside CYCU.

Teacher Lu hopes to upgrade the students’ enthusiasm in teaching and social responsibility by personally leading the students to engage in service learning activities domestically or overseas to have the students grow in the process of contribution.

Center for General Education

Teacher Tsai, Hsiu-Ling

“Live with Passion” and “Life on Life” refer to the core value which Teacher Tsai wished to communicate to the students. Therefore, the combination of teaching and service learning became the best practice of teaching.

It has been seven years since the service learning courses were organized. The students provided services to the disadvantaged groups based on the professional knowledge learned by them, and also learned the interpersonal interaction and how to deal with conflict and solve problems from the teamwork, which helped them with self-awareness and self-recognition and trained them to care for society.

Sometimes, I feel that what I can do is so little and limited. However, I also find that as long as we are willing to do it, how little or how limited is not important, as we are still likely to receive abundant results after contributing only little efforts, and we are so grateful and moved.

In the recent years, I have worked with Da-Po Junior High School and Angel Heart Family Social Welfare Foundation permanently. Each time when I led the students to attend the services, I played the role of supervisor and also the role of participant, as I had chance to play the role of volunteer only and forget my status as a teacher. It was so happy experience for me when I was chatting with the service recipients or decorating the venue with the students, yelling, staying and having fun with the students. The cooperation with NPOs made me impressed about their contribution and keep experiencing their kindness and respect toward the disadvantaged family.

What I really feel grateful for was the plentiful resources provided by CYCU, enabling us to have the chance to learn something from service,because we were not “giving” but actually “receiving”, after we received so much positive and sound experience about witnessing ourselves and our own life~!!


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