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    What channel via


      What channel via which the students other than those taking Service-Learning courses may engage in the Service-Learning project activities?

      The students other than those taking service courses may team up privately, and participate in the Service-Learning project activities via the following channels:

      *   Take the Service-Learning courses offered by various departments (accessible on CYCU Service-Learning site in the future).

      *   Participate in the Service-Learning courses team voluntarily (please contact the Center in person at the beginning of the relevant semester).

      *   Participate in ministrant clubs (please contact Extracurricular Activities Section)

      *   Refer to the public announcement made on CYCU Service-Learning site/for subsidies, or contact the Center in person.

      *   See the requirements for volunteers of public welfare groups published by Taiwan NPO Information Platform (http://www.npo.org.tw).