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    Subsidy for Domestic Service-Learning Projects for No More Than NT$10,000!


      Subsidy for Domestic Service-Learning Projects for No More Than NT$10,000!



      “Service-Learning tights our life closely and firmly!”

      Exclusive for CYCU student groups, subsidiary for no more than NT$10,000!

      Deadline: No later than three weeks prior to the activity

      Portal for the directions for subsidy: https://goo.gl/rxMfzJ

      (Available for the whole year. The expenditure is limited, and no more will be offered after the expenditure is expended in whole.)


      Want to try domestic Service-Learning/Do you know how to find domestic volunteers?

      Youth Volunteer Center of Taoyuan City: https://goo.gl/W8eoc3

      Volunteer Service Information of Taoyuan: http://vspc.tycg.gov.tw/

      Harvest 365 Platform http://harvest365.org/

      Filial Family, Taoyuan City: https://www.filialfamily.org.tw/

      The Carpenters House, Taoyuan City https://www.carpenter.org.tw/

      Chensenmei Social Welfare Foundation, Taoyuan City http://www.csm.org.tw/

      Heartlight, Taoyuan City http://www.heartlight.org.tw/

      Kindgarden of Guanyin, Taoyuan City http://kindgarden.org.tw/

      Ruth Society for Disability Services, Taoyuan City http://www.ruth.org.tw/

      LOHAS Preschool, Taoyuan City http://www.kangfu-lohas.org.tw/

      Reindeer Children Home, Taoyuan City https://www.rch.com.tw/

      Rural EducationXLife Plan https://goo.gl/UecwDz

      (Said information is provided for reference only. Please search the entities or units voluntarily)


      (Any domestic service activities working with legal entities or units may apply for the expenditure)


      Contact person: Service-Learning Center, Li Jui-Chu (03-2651284)

      Email: SL@ee.cycu.edu.tw