Collect Love in Cambodia, Myanmar, Salvador, “CYCU Overseas Volunteer Group” Communicate Love

Collect Love in Cambodia, Myanmar, Salvador, “CYCU Overseas Volunteer Group” Communicate Love

Photo: CYCU Overseas Volunteer Group Raised Second-Hand Goods and Communicated Love to Help Foreign Rural Area Child Students Open the Door for Learning.

The “CYCU Overseas Volunteer Group” guided by CYCU Service-Learning Center organized the “Collect Love in Cambodia, Myanmar, Salvador – Raising of Supplies” activity to raise second-hand goods in May and donated the same to the rural area people and child students in Cambodia, Myanmar and Salvador. Based on the concept about “recycling of second-hand goods”, they made the second-hand goods yield brilliant results again, in hopes of communicating charity and also helping the foreign rural area child students open the door for learning.

The CYCU Overseas Volunteer Group in Cambodia, Myanmar, Salvador of the first term was founded in 2008. The Group would raise the second-hand goods for Cambodia, Myanmar and Salvador each year, hoping to urge teachers and the public to donate some fund affordable by them but valuable to the rural area people in the territory of service by students’ voluntary participation.

Cambodia, Myanmar and Salvador are growing rapidly. However, given the gap between urban and rural areas and uneven allocation of social resources between rich and poor, many local rural area and village child students have no chance to be educated, and sometimes even have no chance to own any stationery. Therefore, based on the local survey on need for supplies, CYCU Service-Learning Center hopes that each raising activity may meet the local needs, such as, the daily commodities including stationary, notebook, drawstring bag served as the rural area child student’s schoolbag, smart tabletop games applied as teaching tools, and foldable umbrellas. The raised supplies will be carried by CYCU Overseas Volunteer Group to the location of service in summer vacation and distributed to the local people and child students.

The freshman of CYCU Department of Finance, Wang Tsun-Chua, who participated in the overseas Service-Learning for raising of supplies for the first time said that after listening to the experience shared by the senior, he decided to participate in the Service-Learning since freshman, hoping to learn the ability to organize, application of presentation and participate in more overseas volunteer services to help more people who need care and concern.

The charity commodities sold by the Service-Learning supplies raising booth were the hand-made pen case and purse made of rice bags by the local AIDS women for raising fund. The revenue and supplies raised from the bazaar would be allocated by CYCU Service-Learning Center and national NGO subject to the needs in various territories. For example, because it rains a lot in Cambodia and Myanmar, the supplies to be raised for them should be preferably rain gears.

CYCU overseas Service-Learning activities have achieved abundant results. Since 2005, the Group has traveled to more than 10 countries including Malawi, Thai-Burmese Border, Vietnam, Philippines, North India, Cambodia, Myanmar and Salvador, in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. More than 300 Service-Learning volunteers and more than 30 groups provided the educational counseling, community service, construction of housing, environmental protection and assistance in activities locally.

With the experience in “learning by doing”, CYCU Service-Learning hopes to train more outstanding youth willing to fulfill the mission for humanistic care and with global views and enable them to contribute what they learned on foreign land and spread their philosophy about Service-Learning to every corner in the world.


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