Chung Yuan Christian University is founded on the spirit of Christian love for the world. With faith, hope, and love, we endeavor to promote higher education. In order to encourage teachers and students to care about society with “Love and Professionalism” and enable students to demonstrate “Knowledge-action Integration” in the process of “Learning by Doing”, the University set up the “Office of Service Learning Project” in March 2007, which was renamed the “Service Learning Center” in March 2008, dedicated to promoting “service learning” courses and projects systematically and continuously, and also recommending that the University’s students participate in social services, fulfill civic responsibility, and train their core competency for employment.

As of 2019, we also took over the “Taolien Youth Volunteer Service Station” of the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education, aiming to build a youth-friendly volunteer service resources platform in Taoyuan and working with schools, associations, and organizations in Taoyuan to encourage the youth to participate in volunteer services and upgrade the youth volunteer service energy in Taoyuan.

As of 2020, we became a youth volunteer unit
subordinated to the Department of Youth Affairs of
Taoyuan City Government, dedicated to encouraging
CYCU youth volunteers to complete the volunteer service basic training and special training programs and obtain the volunteer service log, in order to upgrade students’ service skills and competency. We work with the Department of Youth Affairs to call on more young people to participate in volunteer service.

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