Communication with People by CYCU Advertisement & Marketing Service-Learning Association on

Communication with People by CYCU Advertisement & Marketing Service-Learning Association on May 18, 2017 (National Education Radio)

It has been 11 years since CYCU advertising & marketing Service-Learning courses were organized. The team consisting of students from Department of Business Administration, Department of Electronic Engineering and Department of Commercial Design attended the professional courses in practical Service-Learning for one year and helped public welfare groups and social enterprises market in a professional manner. Many students revealed that they learned a great deal from the courses and, particularly, about how to communicate with people.

Lin Yi-Hsuan of CYCU Department of Commercial Design and Peng Yu-Ching of CYCU Department of Business Administration, as well as other classmates, did what they were good at and helped the new social enterprise, “Green Hope Spring Ltd., Inc.”, design promotional materials, set up websites, promote the planting of native trees to restore ecological environment and the idea about training the junior soccer players in Huatung by generating profit from planting of trees.  During the courses for one year, the students needed to communicate with the service recipients perfectly, and also to discuss with the trainer and keep communicating with the trainer. Lin Yi-Hsuan revealed that she felt very frustrated once, because her work was rejected by the trainer; notwithstanding, the experience should be very helpful for her to find a job in the future.

The team consisting of Chang Chih-Hung of Department of Electronic Engineering and Huang Yu-Ting of Department of Commercial Design helped Ruth Society for Disability Services re-design the identity system and website, and also planned a set of complete plans to help it market products and achieve the “self-sufficiency” purpose. Chang Chih-Hung said that he felt the most difficult part should be communication, as the ideas varied depending on classmates and service recipients; notwithstanding, he learned how to talk with others.

Meanwhile, Huang Yu-Ting of Department of Business Administration and Liu Chia-Hsin of Department of Commercial Design, et al. helped the social enterprise, “Love Icare Co., Ltd.”, re-design the logo and promotional materials to better signify the enterprise’s social corporate identity in caring the elderly group. Lee Ting-Ju and Chu Pin-Hua of Department of Business Administration helped FoFoCup design its new website and identity and also shot the publicity film and photos to communicate the new idea about being an aesthete specialized in environmental protection.


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