CYCU 30 Hour Famine Call on Care for the World

CYCU 30 Hour Famine Call on Care for the World

Reporter Yeh Chih-Cheng/News of Taoyuan 2017-05-26 16:21

CYCU 30 Hour Famine Humanitarian Aids Make Miracle of Love Re-appear

CYCU upholds the holistic education philosophy and values Service-Learning and care for life.  CYCU Chaplain’s Office has supported and responded to the “30 Hour Famine” movement initiated by World Vision Taiwan for 12 years consecutively since 2005. This year, students of the master program of Department of Business Administration, and Department of Commercial Design participated in the movement jointly. Dean of Student Affairs, Jao Hsin, led the teachers, students and public to experience the 30 Hour Famine, raise charity fund to help the poor and people suffering from hunger, practice the philosophy a

bout sacrificing for others, and light up the hope of live again.

Teng Han, who is a junior student of CYCU Department of Business Administration having participated in the 30 Hour Famine for six years, revealed that she participated in the 30 Hour Famine in hopes of enabling herself, who never had to worry about food and clothes in Taiwan, to cherish what she owned through attendance to the movement.  Meanwhile, she will invite classmates and friends to participate in the movement in order to encourage each participant to collect the minor contributions to make more caring.

30 Hour Famine Warriors Form Shape of “30”.

Teacher Ko Te-Jen, the conductor of CYCU poetry class more than 70 years hold, also participated in the movement. He mentioned that the “30 Hour Famine” originated from the spirit of fasting pray in the Bible, and people may physically feel distress of the poor and hunger by attending the 30 Hour Famine, and may extend greet to the other people in affliction around and far away from them through the bond with the God and pray. He said that he participated in the movement each year, hoping that the participants may uphold the care and love from Jesus Christ and gather the charity from various sectors, help solve emergencies and disasters in the world, and rescue numerous hungry, sick and homeless people.

CYCU Chaplain’s Office indicated that they hoped to enable everyone to cherish food, be thankful for the place abundant with supplies where he lives, and give each person suffering from hunger in the world the hope and support they need and to make the world a better place.

CYCU 30 Hour Famine is intended to make participants physically feel hunger by fasting for 30 hours and know how to sacrifice for others.




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