CYCU Interdisciplinary Group to “Concern” and Speak for Girls in Africa

CYCU Interdisciplinary Group to “Concern” and Speak for Girls in Africa

In order to link the knowledge learned by them with the society, CYCU students developed their interdisciplinary profession and filmed videos to speak for the girls in Africa. Meanwhile, they helped migrant workers of South East Asia through the brand design and drove SMEs’ new southbound development by cultures and specialty in languages. CYCU teachers and students “concern” the issues covering Taiwan, Africa, new immigrants and the elderly, and call on the public to contribute their love and make life more meaningful with care across various ethnic groups and borders!

CYCU organized the “You Must Care” press conference in Taipei NGO House on May 30 to call on everyone to care the various ethnic groups and spread love across various regions and borders. At the conference, the students raised the boards stating “Care Teachers”, “Care Students”, “Care Public Welfare” and “Care Good Virtues”, and demonstrated their Service-Learning results for the whole year through skits. Some group participated in the cloth pad promotion plan, “Love Binti”, in Africa. The students developed their creative ideas and filmed videos, inviting girls from Taiwan and Africa to answer questions. The sharp contrast in the answers given by the girls of two countries made the audience impressed about the difference in the value of “one piece of cloth pad” upheld by the girls of two countries. Student of Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, Huang Mu-Ting, revealed that “For lack of cloth pads, sometimes the girls in Africa would be bullied or mocked and, therefore, dropped out of school. We hope to help the Love Binti project raise fund through the videos and help the girls in Africa raise their self-confidence and brave to pursue their dreams.”

Meanwhile, some students also worked with the Global Workers’ Organization to promote the “Global Workers’ Up-Skill Centre”. Vice Secretary of the Centre, Wu Po-Wei, indicated that with the assistance from CYCU teachers and students, the Organization had a simple and readable identity and attractive animation and website to make the theme of the Centre more contrast. He hoped to continue promoting the plan to enable emigrant workers to become the enterprise’s best cultural advisor and language partner! The students who worked with YS Foundation had to work out on how to make the concept about “Self-Healing 3+1” more considerate and readable. Therefore, the students produced the animated cliff’s notes and filmed the brand identity advertisement, in hopes of enabling more people to care the issue about “the elderly” and know how to be their “own doctor” by learning related knowledge in YS Age Friendly Academy.

It has been 12 years since “CYCU advertising & marketing Service-Learning” courses organized by interdisciplinary cooperation of Department of Business Administration, Department of Electronic Engineering and Department of Commercial Design, which not only cover the three major areas including information, marketing and design, but also allow the students to stimulate the operation of advertisement company by group to provide NGOs and social enterprises with proposals and advertising & marketing services. The senior student of Department of Electronic Engineering, Huang Chia-Wei, indicated that the modern people act more and more indifference about others; therefore, the “You Must Care” press conference is organized to call on the young people and public to “mind others’ business”. Huang Chia-Wei said that “A lot of people thought that Department of Electronic Engineering students are all home-stayers; however, I think that the university students should not only learn in classroom but also have to understand and help the groups which need care in the society to get some different memory for the university life!”

The senior student of Commercial Design, Chen Kuan-Ying, mentioned that the courses are full of challenges and all of us are working so hard as if we were executing a real industrial project, and there are many contingencies and difficulties beyond our imagination. Chen Kuan-Ying said, “Our employer is the eyeglass brand, FitGlasses; therefore, the most critical challenge to be dealt with by all of us is how to reflect the kind social enterprise’s identity through the issue about care for new immigrants and tell stories in the form of touching films and characters.” The course instructor, Teacher Ting Pei-Yuan of Department of Business Administration, indicated that CYCU always had a group of teachers and students who loved to “mind others’ business” and speak for the disadvantaged group with their profession outside the classroom for the past decade. Knowledge, profession and social responsibility are all indispensable elements forming the university’s education. It is believed that such concept will be sprouted in the university students’ mind and make Taiwan’s society better and warmer.

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