CYCU Retrieve Lukang Elements and Convert Classic Style into Daily Supplies

CYCU Retrieve Lukang Elements and Convert Classic Style into Daily Supplies

The Lukang Nanmenhu construction project has received the subsidy in the amount of NT$290 million authorized by Ministry of Culture. In addition to the investment in renovation of hardware, demonstration of cultural soft power is also the first priority. CYCU Master Program in Cultural and Creative Design picked Lukang out of the intend to convert the ancient cultural symbols into daily suppliers to keep memories from disappearing. The “Lukang Plan” of the Department of Cultural Affairs will gather the specialists good at design for exchange and bring a new life to the history.

CYCU Master Program in Cultural and Creative Design worked with Department of Cultural Affairs to organize the presentation of product design results in “Jasmine Humanistic Environment Education Center” at Jinsheng Lane, Lukang. According to Assistant Professor Chou Jung-Chun, the topic of the presentation, “Fun in South Lukang”, was focused on the youth who missed their hometown by integrating the various architectures in South Lukang, e.g. Windowpane Check of Ding Family Mansion and tiger window of Fuxing Barn, designing logos, combining kitchenware, producing absorbent cup pads, insulation gloves, aprons, food pads, table cloth and lunch cloth, which presented classic taste and made people impressed.

The graduate student, Juan Huang-Lung, revealed that he kept being moved when paying visit to Lukang, experiencing the place, collecting information and retrieving Lukang elements to develop and design, and the mutual discussion also kept inspiring him; for him, it was very interesting experience.

The graduate student also showed the “丁” style for Family Ding Mansion arranged successively to reflect close connection and the memory which never dies, and retrieved the characteristics of Fuxing Bar in his hand pictures reflecting transformation of emotion in the work to attain the hand-made temperature.

According to Chou Chun-Rong, the products designed by the students will be sold online, and the proceeds for the sale, less the cost price, will be denoted to public welfare entities in whole. The series of works will also be presented in other entities. Director-General of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Chen Wen-Pin, said that the “Lukang Plan” will be activated to construct Lukang as the base for exchange of cultural and creative works to make old memories and history a part of our daily lives.



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