CYCU Volunteer Service Upgrades IT Skill of Children and Juvenile in Salvador

CYCU Volunteer Service Upgrades IT Skill of Children and Juvenile in Salvador

(CNA News 2017/09/20 10:02:39) Weng Yen-Tien, the Chairman of the “Care to Help Foundation” in America, and CYCU volunteers, as well as the R.O.C. Ambassador expatriated in Salvador, Hsieh Miao-Hung, and the second lady of Salvador and also Executive Director of “ISNA”, Elda Gladis Tobar Ortiz, organized the graduation ceremony for the CYCU “2017 Salvador Overseas Service-Learning Plan” in the “Santa Ana Child and Juvenile City” subordinated to Office of the President on August 29, and conferred trainees the diploma and the letter of gratitude to CYCU volunteers. About 100 persons, including the representative of the “Care to Help Foundation” expatriated in Salvador, volunteers, officers from the “ISNA”, trainees and CYCU volunteer group members attended the ceremony.

When giving speech, Lady Elda Gladis Tobar Ortiz showed her appreciation for the various human resource training programs and supplies supported by the R.O.C. Government (Taiwan) and NGOs over a long period of time. This year, CYCU volunteer group executed the information education promotion plan in the “Santa Ana Child and Juvenile City” renovated with the fund granted by the R.O.C. (Taiwan). The work was very meaningful, as it benefited a total of 61 students of different age, helped them upgrade their IT skill and engaged in the cultural exchange between Taiwan and Salvador. The satisfied smile on the trainees’ faces reflects that the trainees have learned a lot from the plan in the past three weeks. The Second Lady emphasized that the remarkable support provided by the private organizations and universities of Taiwan including the “Care to Help Foundation” and “Chung Yuan Christian University” benefited and changed the life of millions youth and children in Salvador.

Ambassador Hsieh indicated that this year CYCU maintained the IT courses applicable two years ago and also donated the teaching system for solar panel power generation to help the “Santa Ana Child and Juvenile City” with their e-courses, as it was seen in various vocational schools in Salvador for the first time. Taiwan Government is glad to keep playing the role bridging the exchange with the youth and NGOs of Taiwan and Salvador, and work with Salvador Government and people to create a better future for the juvenile of Salvador.

Director Li Chun-Yao of CYCU “Learning Service Center” emphasized that CYCU volunteer group provided services in various countries in Asia and Africa, and in Salvador, the only one Latin America country where the group provided services. The cultural and living experience learned by the volunteers of each term in El Salvador may benefit the volunteers for their entire lives. The experience shared by them after they returned to Taiwan would make a splash. Therefore, El Salvador became the first choice for CYCU volunteers. CYCU will continue to expand the scope of Service-Learning and introduce more diversified volunteer services to help the people and youth in El Salvador.

The CYCU volunteer group engaged in the IT education and cultural exchange in the “Santa Ana Child and Juvenile City” for three weeks, and also helped construct the small-sized solar power generation system for the purpose of education. Meanwhile, the group also visited such rural areas as LaLibertad, San Juan Opico, Zaragoza, Ahuachapan and Comalapa together with the Chairman of the “Care to Help Foundation” to distribute such basic living supplies as clothes and foods, set up the IT classrooms and spread Taiwan people’s care and love for the people of El Salvador.



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