Delicious Breakfast Funding Plan, Youth Volunteers Warm Taoyuan Up Together

Delicious Breakfast Funding Plan, Youth Volunteers Warm Taoyuan Up Together

Reporter Huang Chia-Jou/News of Taoyuan

Taoyuan March Out Association, which is used to promoting the youth volunteer and training the youth to care the disadvantaged families permanently aimed to fund thousands of junior high school students from poor family this year. It combined the power from the various sectors and spent more than one month in raising fund to help 1,000 poor junior high school students served breakfast every day. At the night of 23rd day, CYCU organized the “Taoyuan Charity Christmas Party” at Zhongzhen Building. Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City Government, Yu Chien-Hua, was present at the Part to encourage all participants and activate the fund-raising activity for next year.

According to the “Delicious Breakfast Funding Plan” this year, the youth volunteers would raise fund from the various sectors to supply the breakfast of the poor junior high school students of this City. The donation and fund-raising by more than 800 youth volunteers aroused the response from schools and enterprises. For the time being, the phased target for “supply of breakfast to 400 poor junior high school students” has been achieved. The volunteers also hope to complete the annual target promptly.

The student from National Central University, Ou Huang-Jen, indicated that he had joined the youth volunteers of March Out Association for the third year, and after executing the plan, he experienced that “it’s more blessed to give than to receive” and realized that he was able to help other classmates; therefore, he is more concerned about the issues surrounding disadvantaged groups more in the future.

Taoyuan City youth volunteers promoted the “Delicious Breakfast Funding Plan” to help 1,000 poor junior high school students in Taoyuan City be served breakfast every day.

President of CYCU March Out Club, Hsu Chen-Wei, said that at each Christmas Eve, CYCU students and March Out Association would raise funds for breakfast for poor junior high school students in the district of Taoyuan together. The minor interaction reflects the society’s spirit of charity. He hoped that more young people could join the youth volunteers.

In order to warm Taoyuan up, the church youth worked together to promote the care for the society and encourage the youth to work as volunteers. The Chairman of March Out Association, Priest Su Hsin-Hsing, indicated that he appreciated Department of Youth Affairs, Taoyuan, schools and enterprises for their supporting the youth volunteers to provide services to others and create a local platform to care the people in need.

Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan City Government, Yu Chien-Hua, indicated that after holding the position as Mayor, Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan established the only department of youth affairs among the local governments throughout the nation to have the youth volunteers call on young people to participate in the social welfare activities and care for disadvantaged families. This breakfast funding plan intended to provide each of the poor junior high schools with breakfast was responded by the business and education sectors. Deputy Mayor Yu wished that the Plan could achieve the target for serving 1,000 child students promptly. Meanwhile, he also encouraged the youth volunteers to contribute themselves to make Taoyuan a better and friendlier city.

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