Department of Electronic Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering - Digital Marketing Service Design (2)

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Digital Marketing Service Design (2)

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Liu Hung-Huan


The first year of the Master’s program, Department of Electronic Engineering

The fourth year of the Master’s program, Department of Electronic Engineering

Required/Elective course



Type of Service

(Multiple options allowed)

□ Educational counseling  ■ Information technology ■ Creative design

□ Community development  ■ Marketing and promotion  ■ Social service  

□ International care  □ Cultural archives  □ Environmental protection  

□ Others ____________________



(Evaluation on Service Programs)

The courses provide the non-profit-making organizations with such professional services as advertising & marketing. By combining the majors of three departments, Department of Electronic Engineering focuses on the learning about access to online platforms and program design.  Department of Commercial Design focuses on development of prototypes. The service recipient will communicate with the students about development and prototyping of advertising design works. When engaging in the lead-time work, the students may receive the experience completely different from that they receive in the school through communication with the service recipient and preparation of budget. Meanwhile, in the process of production, the students may also get a chance to design a complete advertisement through negotiation with the team members and communication with the owner about the design ideas.

Department of Business Administration focuses on establishment of the advertising and marketing proposals, which is also the focus of the other courses. Notwithstanding, the cooperation with Department of Commercial Design gives the students a chance to execute the strategies established by them and evaluate the execution results based on their initial objectives ultimately. Their teamwork makes them look like operating a professional advertising and public relation company engaged in providing advertising and marketing services to the non-profit-seeking organizations in need, in hopes of helping the organizations upgrade their prestige and increase the opportunities for raising fund.  Then, more and more people will work on solution of the social problems to be concerned by the public.


Objectives of Plan

  The Plan is primarily intended to upgrade the practical design ability of students of Department of Commercial Design and the ability to plan marketing of students of Department of Business Administration, and secondarily to boost the care for life and practice the professional learning for students.  Subject to the individual or special needs by different groups, they tailor the design planning and care to figure out the optimal advertising and marketing strategies and build the design model available to the disadvantaged groups for effective application.  By virtue of the professional advertising design service in combination with the marketing and promotion, they achieve the objective for serving the society and caring life.


Cooperative entities

Name of Organization or Community receiving the service:

1.   Green Hope Spring Ltd., Inc.

2.   FOLDnFOLD Engreeneering Co., Ltd.

3.   Love Icare Co.,Ltd.

4. Ruth Society for Disability Service

Service Recipient: Disadvantaged groups, non-profit-making enterprises, and public welfare-oriented organizations.

I.         Green Hope Spring Ltd., Inc.

  A social enterprise consisting of three elements (aborigines, aboriginal tribes and native species) and connecting with six major industries (healthy diet, environmental education, biotech, cultural and creative industry, IoT+ and tourism forestry), engaged in solving 9 major social problems (three rural issues, return to hometown for employment, rural education, cultural heritage, poverty & underprivileged, soil and water conservation, environmental protection, biodiversity and climate change), all of which originate from one piece of leaf (leaf of Cinnamomum).

  Products related to rehabilitation of Cinnamomum, soil and water conservation, planting of carbon accumulation tree, and whole-tree utilization: Cinnamomum leaf tea, Cinnamomum pencil, Cinnamomum YA cookie, Cinnamomum handmade paper, Tree APP, and Smart Life Park. Plan to plant 1 million Cinnamomum trees in Taiwan in ten years.

  Integrate resources, build platforms, apply technology, help the cross-strait young people start business and rebuild the cross-strait villages; combine the campus environmental education; develop rural children soccer teams.

II.       FOLDnFOLD Engreeneering Co., Ltd.

  FOLDnFOLD keeps investing in developing new ideas to make the earth greener.

– Dedicated to development environmental protection creative products, and aiming to:

(A) Design anything that is unfoldable as foldable.

(B) Improve anything already foldable to make it easier to be folded for carrying, transportation and space saving and thereby produce the effect of environmental protection and energy saving.

  The first belief of FOLDnFOLD’s is “There is only one truth in the world. That is, there is no truth in the world.” That is why FOLDnFOLD being able to challenge the “truth” that people believe with their innovative products. A round shape cup cannot be folded to a piece of sheet? That might be a truth to many people, but to us, that is not a truth. That is how we come out our first innovation — FoFoCup. We just fold it!

III.     Love Icare Co.,Ltd.

‧   The Company is a social enterprise co-developed by Mackay Memorial Hospital Biomedical Development & Development & Innovation & Incubation Center and Min Chuan University Innovation & Incubation Center. It was also a social enterprise guided under the SME Brand Development Plan of Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government in 2015 and one of the enterprise clusters guided by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2016.

‧   It carries out the elderly group’s community care by having the elderly group escorted by the matured-aged group to enhance the health and happiness of the aging society and encourage communication of philanthropy and feedback to the society.

Main business lines of the “elderly group escort service”:

(1) Escort for medical visit: Escort between home and hospital.

(2) Heartwarming escort: Outdoor escort and home escort.

(3) LAHOS courses: Escort for learning and customized small class size courses.

4. Ruth Society for Disability Service

“In Jensus Christ, we care each other with love, provide services with profession, help the physically and mentally disordered receive real happiness, and also enhance the parents’ knowledge and skills in taking care of children’s daily life.” Under the small-size community service model, trainees may be generalized timely between home and campus, so as to integrate into the community life directly.

 The service recipients include the severe and moderate mentally disordered, Autism, and multiple disabilities holding the disability card.

 Ruth Society also works hard to offer multiple innovative services by establishing the multisensory classroom, music therapy and gender education group


‧   Number of service recipients: 30 persons (Not the number of trainees)


Objectives of Courses

1. The courses provide the integrated marketing design and technology service through the interdisciplinary teamwork and promote the service as kind design and kind marketing. By the interdisciplinary teamwork, the students provide the non-profit-seeking organizations with the services related to marketing design. Develop the various learning objectives, including practice, care, passion and communication, through the creation of marketing design. The objectives of the courses are stated as following:

2. To execute the professional Service-Learning (big “S”, big “L”) to enable the students to practice what they learned about the advertising design courses into the real scenario and achieve the purpose of service.

3. To upgrade personal value, including appreciation of personal value, dignity, interpersonal relationship, decision making, solution of problems, critical thinking, counter-pressure, solution of conflicts, and self-esteem.

4. To contact the service earlier through the cooperation project, cultivate the own sense of morality, sense of responsibility and the lifelong habitual behavior for serving others, and thereby produce the permanent positive influence.

5. Upgrade their ability to utilize and control the allocation of time for studies, clubs and activities.

6. The students may not only apply their majors but also learn how to communicate and work with the others from different fields to complete the work, in the interdisciplinary groups.


Model and contents of implementation of service programs

( to the contents of courses for 18 weeks on a weekly basis)


Service learning stage

Class hours





Joint attendance to class of the three departments’ students (progress report)




Class suspended on the Peace Memorial Day on February 28




Statistics: Questionnaire design


Statistics: Statistic method and software application




Internal audit



Report to the teacher about the first design proposal by March 7.

Report to the relevant service recipient about the first proposal by March 14.

Report to the teacher about the second design proposal by March 28.

Report to the service recipient about 2nd proposal by April 4.


Celebration/presentation of results


Rehearsal for presentation of results


Presentation of results


Campus press conference rehearsal


Press conference




Review on evaluation of benefits


Report on evaluation of benefits


Final mutual evaluation and introspection/feedback

(Please added the lines, if necessary.)

Course details:

●      Communication and execution of the advertising programs, and prototyping (January 1, 2017~May 15, 2017)

The advertising programs communicated between the organization and students, and the design work shall be executed, developed and prototyped during said period.  In order to precisely control the students’ progress, we hope that all of the students may comply with the following requirements:

‧ Report to the teacher about the first design proposal by March 7.

‧ Report to the relevant service recipient about the first proposal by March 14.

‧ Report to the teacher about the second design proposal by March 28.

Report to the service recipient about 2nd proposal by April 4.

●      Internal audit on proposals (April 11, 2017 (Tuesday))

Please have the proposal confirmed by the teacher at first; otherwise, the proposal cannot be submitted.

‧ Please gather at Class Room 112 at 17:05.

●      Rehearsal for Presentation of Results (May 2, 2017 (Tuesday))

In order to ensure the successful proposal submission meeting, the rehearsal will be held in the evening.  The specific time will be published separately.

‧ Please confirm the successful operation of ppt files, and no revision to the files will be permitted on the same day.

‧ Each group submits the learning log.

●      Presentation of Results (May 3, 2017 (Wednesday), 9:00AM)

Please prepare A0 poster on the same day (to be posted on the display board) and PPT (for illustration). Please dress up officially, and attend the rehearsal and preparation work on time.

●      Rehearsal for press conference (May 9, 2017 (Tuesday))

Before the press conference, please rehearse each group’s performance and the conference run-down to make the students more familiar with it and prepared for it.

●      Personal photography (May 16, 2017 (Tuesday))

Take one picture with about 500 descriptive words based on the topic about the personal thought about the courses and sharing of experience in taking the courses.

●      Press conference (May 17, 2017 (Wednesday), 10:00AM)

Enable the public to know better about the courses and display the results of design created by the students for various organizations, and open the results to reporters for raising the exposure rate, by holding the press conference.

●      Advertising benefit evaluation report (June 6, 2017 (Tuesday))

Report on evaluation of the benefits derived by the designed work verbally, and supported by illustration in the form of PPT.

●      Final mutual evaluation and introspection/feedback (June 13, 2017 (Tuesday))

The students will have to evaluate each other mutually on the same day.  In order to protect the self interest and right, all of the students shall be present on the same day. Meanwhile, the whole school year’s courses will be introspected and reviewed on the same day. Then, we will broadcast the films recording various groups’ learning history to share each group’s experience accumulated in this semester.

●      Submission and discussion of final report (June 2017)

The final learning report records the total results generated in the semester, consisting of the introduction to service organization, introduction to team member, proposal, design planning, execution results and benefit evaluation and identified as the proof for the results generated by each group in the whole school year, which may help referral of the students for seeking jobs or continuing education in the future.

●      Participation in Holistic Caring Award (June 2017 and the specific time to be published separately)

‧      To complete the final review, the students will have to evaluate each other mutually on the same day.  In order to protect the self interest and right, all of the students shall be present on the same day.


Total service learning hours

Total course hours: 39 hours

Students’ actual service hours: 50 hours

Number of student teams: a total of 4teams, consisting of a total of 57persons.

Total number of service recipients:60 (number of service recipients*number of frequency).


Descriptions about expected students’ growth in professions

  The students may experience the positive power in the society and, therefore, have the motive to learn the knowledge out of the school and change their vision and attitude toward the society. Then, the students’ value may be influenced positively. Through the similar practical operations, the students will learn in order to practice and apply what they learn to practical problems, and also learn how to communicate and interact with the others from different fields and thereby learn to respect each other’s profession.

  Through the cooperation project provided by the courses, the service recipients’ philosophy and mission may be known by the society more specifically and deeply and, thereby, more and more people will join the service recipients or donate fund to the service recipients.

The courses schedule to train the students’ abilities as following:

1. Ability to understand the front-end technology and write programs;

2. Ability to learn the online service model and digital marketing;

3. Ability to solve problems voluntarily;

4. Critical and creative thinking ability;

5. Frustration tolerance;

6. Ability to seek effective approaches to resolve conflicts and manage the same;

7. Ability to control personal time allocation;\

8. Ability to care the social disadvantaged groups and important issues;

9. Ability of interdisciplinary communication and teamwork.


Anticipated benefits to be gained the service recipient

  Upon expiration of the one-year service, the public may know better about the service recipient’s philosophy and, therefore, turn to concern the issues increasingly. Help the non-profit-making organizations which only have limited budget to utilize build their identity and upgrade their support, and thereby mitigate their difficulty in marketing advertisement design.

1. Marketing proposal: To help execution of organizational or topic activities.

2. Design proposal: To help upgrade the organization’s identity and prestige.

3. Promotional and public relation activities: To help execution of the marketing and public relation activities.

4. Fund-raising proposal: To help increase the opportunities for raising fund and receiving donation.

5. Execution of design: To help the organization promote the marketing activities.


Rating criteria

(Please include the way to assess service programs.)

Sophomore, Department of Electronic Engineering 2016



Proposals (including the design results)

40% (for the scores rated by the teacher)


30% (for the scores rated by the service recipient)

Learning record and experience


Mutual evaluation of the same team members



Learning Website

Official website:

FB: Chung Yuan Christian University Advertising & Marketing Service Learning Courses


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