Implementing Professional Service-Learning Course

Chung Yuan Christian University
Regulations Governing Implementation of Service-Learning Courses

Approved at 849th School Administration Council on June 5, 2008

Amended per the letter under Yuan-Mi-Zi No. 1050002657 dated August 25, 2016

Article 1.       The Regulations are established in order to practice the “Holistic Education”, promote the idea about Service-Learning, and train students’ care, civil responsibility and core competency for employment.

Article 2.       Each department and the Center for General Education shall plan and offer the Service-Learning courses, optional or required, in each semester. Such courses shall be preferably selected from the existing curriculum structure and integrated with the “Service-Learning” in nature, and graduate credits will be offered separately. Prior to the completion of the planning for Service-Learning courses, each department shall encourage and guide students and promote the project-oriented Service-Learning activities by virtue of department student associations’ operation and resource.

Article 3.       Teachers of each department and the Center for General Education who offer the Service-Learning-related courses shall submit their courses offering plans to chairs or unit heads for approval and then have the plans reviewed by the Service-Learning Steering Committee. Upon evaluation and verification, the courses may be included into the Service-Learning curriculum module and granted related subsidies.

Article 4.       The regulations governing Service-Learning courses and enforcement rules governing subsidy shall be established separately.

Article 5.       The Regulations shall be promulgated by the President and enforced upon approval of School Administration Council. The same shall apply where the Regulations are amended.

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