Outstanding Service-Learning Research

Chung Yuan Christian University
Regulations Governing Incentives for Service-Learning Research Results

Approved at 861st School Administration Council on April 2, 2009

Amended per the letter under Yuan-Mi-Zi No. 1050002657 dated August 25, 2016

Article 1.         The Regulations are established in order to encourage the University’s faculty to engage in the specialist research, upgrade the academic research level and expand the publication of research results on the topic of Service-Learning.

Article 2.         The University’s full-time faculty who meet any of the following circumstances may apply for the incentives:

  1. Publish papers in domestic/foreign workshops or academic journals with peer-review system as the first author (the co-author who is a student instructed by the faculty, if any, shall be excluded) or the corresponding author and sign the same in the name of “Chung Yuan Christian University”, provided that only one single applicant is allowed, in the case of papers of joint authorship.
  2. The papers referred to in the subparagraph shall refer to those published in the previous year (January 1 ~ December 31), the topic or keywords of which shall bear the term “Service-Learning”, or the contents of which may express the spirit of “Service-Learning” fully.

Article 3.         The applicant shall complete and submit the application form to the Service-Learning Center by the published deadline. The incentives will be granted upon review and approval of the Service-Learning Steering Committee.

Article 4.         The number of papers entitled to the incentives shall be no more than 10 per applicant. The incentives are stated as follows:

  1. Papers published in academic workshops: NT$3,000 per paper.
  2. Papers published in academic journals: NT$5,000 per paper.

Article 5.         Where the faculty resign or terminate the employment, the incentives shall suspend automatically, unless in the case of mandatory retirement, or any special circumstance subject to review and approval of the Service-Learning Center.

Article 6.         Retired faculty members are allowed to continue participating in the Service-Learning activities and publish academic papers in the name of Chung Yuan Christian University, and apply for incentives pursuant to the Regulations as if they were the active faculty.

Article 7.         The Regulations shall be promulgated by the President and enforced upon approval of School Administration Council. The same shall apply where the Regulations are amended.

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