Outstanding Service-Learning Teachers (1)

Chung Yuan Christian University
Regulations Governing Incentives for Outstanding Teachers of Service-Learning

Approved at 854th School Administration Council on August 7, 2008

Amended per the letter under Yuan-Mi-Zi No. 1050002657 dated August 25, 2016

Article 1.         In order to honor the involvement and contribution by teachers of Chung Yuan Christian University (hereinafter referred to as the “University”), the University hereby establishes the “Chung Yuan Christian University Regulations Governing Incentives for Outstanding Teachers of Service-Learning” (hereinafter referred to the “Regulations”).

Article 2.         The teachers referred to herein refer to the full-time professors, adjunct professors, assistant professors or lecturers who have taught in the University for more than one (1) year, who may file the application on the ground of the Service-Learning courses offered by them within the most recent two (2) years.
The teachers’ seniority referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be counted until the end of July of the school year prior to the selection.

Article 3.         The quota for the incentives shall be no more than three projects throughout the University per school year. The incentives may be omitted, in the case of insufficient applications or disqualification of the teachers.

Article 4.         The winners for outstanding teacher of Service-Learning will be awarded the medal by the University, and NT$30,000 per project.

Article 5.         The selection of outstanding teachers of Service-Learning shall be conducted once per school year. The selection process is conducted in the following manners:

1st Stage: The teachers shall complete and prepare the application form and information about Service-Learning programs and Service-Learning results, and file the application upon recommendation by respective colleges of the University.

2nd Stage: The name list of winners will be decided based on a review on presently available information.

Article 6.         Service-Learning Center shall establish the enforcement rules separately to govern the method and implementation of selection of the outstanding teachers of Service-Learning.

Article 7.         The Service-Learning Outstanding Teachers Selection Committee shall consist of the Service-Learning Steering Committee members.

Article 8.         The teachers who are selected as the outstanding teachers of Service-Learning shall not file any further application within two (2) years upon the selection, or if they have been selected for three (3) times.

Article 9.         The Regulations shall be promulgated by the President and enforced upon approval of School Administration Council. The same shall apply where the Regulations are amended.


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