Service-Learning Activity Organized by Students

Chung Yuan Christian University Directions Governing Subsidy for Service Learning Project Activities

Enacted at the routine meeting of Service Learning Center on October 26, 2012

Amended at the routine meeting of Service Learning Center on March 9, 2016

Amended at the routine meeting of Service Learning Center on November 29, 2016

Amended at the routine meeting of Service Learning Center on January 16, 2017

Amended at the routine meeting of Service Learning Center on January 9, 2018

Amended at the routine meeting of Service Learning Center on May 3, 2018

  1. Purpose

In order to encourage the University’s students to team up to participate in the domestic service learning activities including education and guidance, information technology, creative design, community development, merchandising, social service, cultural heritage and environmental protection, the University hereby establishes the Directions.

  1. Subsidy recipients

Any student teams of the University that organize the service learning activity domestically and integrate their majors into the service learning may apply for such subsidy.

III.      Subsidy rules

(I)                The team must consist of three members or more.

(II)              The service learning contents shall apply the department/institute majors to upgrade students’ expertise.  No subsidy will be granted if the contents are irrelevant to the majors.

(III)           Upon receipt of complete application documents, the Service Learning Center shall review the integrity, feasibility, safety and sustainability of various service learning projects, and then grant specific subsidies therefor.

(IV)          The subsidies include the meal expenses (exclusive of those for breakfast), transportation allowance, insurance premium, printing expenses, materials expenses, stationery expenses, accommodation expenses and presentation expenses needed by the service activities. The subsidies exclude the personnel expenses, venue rental, equipment costs and maintenance expenses, etc.

(V)             The teams that provide services to disadvantaged populations, rural areas, and districts short of resources will be the first priority.

(VI)          The subsidies per application shall be no more than NT$10,000 (the applications for subsidies will be reviewed in the order of the dates when the applications are received, and no further application will be accepted after the subsidies are exhausted).

(VII)        The same team is allowed to apply for no more than two (2) projects per year, under the identical team name and a majority of the team members, similar contents, or identical service providers and recipients. No application for any other subsidies may be with the Center for the same project.

(VIII)     No subsidies will be granted to any service project that fails to demonstrate the contents of service or approach concretely.

(IX)          Also required to participate in the Holistic Caring Award service learning competition organized by the Service Learning Center; submit the application form for the Holistic Caring Award competition together with the final report (see Attachment 5), so that the same may be applied to register the competition directly upon the Center’s receipt of the final report.  (The time and rules for the annual Holistic Caring Award are posted on the official website of the CYCU Service Learning Center separately, at  CYCU Service Learning site:

  1. Deadline

(I)                The applications for subsidies shall be pre-determined in principle.  The applicants shall submit the application documents to the Service Learning Center within three (3) weeks prior to the activity (counted from the date when the first activity is held), at latest.  The application forms may be downloaded from the “student project subsidy application” in the reward & incentive section on the CYCU Service Learning site.

(II)              The application for the service learning project subsidies of next year may not be filed until December 1 per year.  The activity shall be held between January and December of next year.

(III)           The application must be verified and closed before December 15 per year.

  1. Application procedure

(I)                Please prepare the complete application documents, including the application form (see Attachment 1), protocol (see Attachment 2), and copyright license agreement (see Attachment 3), and send the same to via email.  The subject of the email shall be “Application for Service Learning Project Subsidies – ooo”.  The written application documents shall be also submitted to the Service Learning Center for review and approval.

(II)              Review criteria

  1. Contribution of service contents (change and influence of the service provider and recipient)  30%
  2. Creativity and ability to plan and execute the service activity  20%
  3. Self-development and team’s operation  20%
  4. Benefits of promotion and ability to integrate and utilize resources  20%
  5. Sustainability of service  10%

(III)           Review procedure: The Service Learning Center will accept and review the application, and notify the review result within two (2) weeks upon submission of the application documents.

  1. Notes

(I)                The subsidized project shall be closed within two (2) weeks upon completion.  Please submit one copy of each of the data DVD, final report (see Attachment 4), application form for the Holistic Caring Award competition (see Attachment 5), statement of expenditure (see Attachment 6) and questionnaire (see Attachment 7), as well as the summarization for utilization of project subsidies as required by Ministry of Education (see Attachment 8) and original qualified certification, for verification and closure.

(II)              The subsidized project shall provide the photo showing that “service providers wear the Service Learning Center T-shirt when providing services”. Please claim the T-shirt at the Center upon confirmation of the receipt of such subsidies.

(III)           Please execute the project strictly in accordance with the application form.  The application for amendments to the subsidies or contents referred to in the application form, if any, shall be filed within one (1) week prior to the activity, at latest.  The Center may terminate the subsidies granted to the subsidy applicant who fails to report any changes of the protocol to the Center in the manner referred to in the preceding paragraph.

(IV)          The results presented by the subsidized project shall be licensed to the Service Learning Center perpetually and without consideration to help the Center promote related business.

(V)             The subsidized project shall also participate the relevant service learning activities organized by the Service Learning Center, e.g. “Service Learning Sharing” and “Presentation of Results”, etc.

(VI)          The promotional materials for the subsidized project including layout of the venue, handbook and banners shall bear the expression stating “Ministry of Education Higher Education Sprout Project Subsidies”; otherwise, no subsidies will be granted.

(VII)        The performance and closure of any subsidized project will serve as the important reference for review on any new applications.

(VIII)     The activity shall be designed in the manner attending to safety.  All participating students shall be enrolled into the “travel insurance program”.  The informed consent forms must be collected from all participating students’ parents prior to the activity.

(IX)          The subsidies referred to herein shall not be held as matching grants for any projects subsidized by Ministry of Education.

(X)             In order to encourage the students to win honors for the University, and expand their experience in exchange and benefits of the observation, the subsidized project which also participates in any service learning-related competition outside the University in then year is allowed to apply for subsidies with the Center for participation in the competition outside the University, and the Center will grant subsidies subject to the annual budget.  The directions governing subsidy for students’ participating in service learning competitions outside the University will be established separately.

(XI)          In order to encourage the University’s student service learning teams to work with the regional high (vocational) school students to engage in the service learning, any team consisting of the members including 5 or more high (vocational) school students may be reimbursed the additional subsidies, NT$5,000, for the miscellaneous expenses (such verified expenses shall be noted in the notice for authorization of the subsidies separately).

(XII)        Where the applicant fails to comply with said requirements, the Center shall be entitled to cancel its qualification for subsidies.


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