Li Hsin-Ying Meet CYCU Salvador Service Volunteers

Li Hsin-Ying Meet CYCU Salvador Service Volunteers

The R.O.C. Ambassador in Salvador, Li Hsin-Ying, met CYCU volunteers who worked on the “2016 Salvador Service-Learning Plan” in Salvador in the middle of August, the local time. He encouraged the youth students to provide international volunteer services, develop their visions and build their career.

Lin Hsin-Yin said that he appreciated CYCU for the volunteer service provided by CYCU in Salvador for two years consecutively. According to the successful experience in last year, the Embassy acted as the middleman engaged in helping the “Care to Help Foundation” and CYCU “Service-Learning Center” group provide the IT education to the young girls who lost their parents and young single mothers sheltered in the “ISNA” subordinated to the Office of President of El Salvador.

Li Hsin-Yin encouraged the four volunteers to share their experience about Taiwan with the child students of ISNA to inspire the child students to expect their future, and also urged the volunteers to increase their life experience, learn the positive philosophy of the Latin America cultures, optimism and aggression, and know about Latin America cultures and economic & trading environment, as it would be very helpful for their future development.

The CYCU volunteer group consisting of 5 members was led by Assistant Professor Teng Jung-Hua. The members included the leader, Lin Yung-Chih, and members, Hsieh Ju-Fen, Shih-Yu and Lin Li-Chen. They took this trip to provide the juveniles of “ISNA” with the IT education, as well as to learn about Chinese culture with integrated Taiwan’s characteristics, and DIY.

Meanwhile, the volunteer group would exchange experience and cultures with the university volunteer groups of Salvador and such NGO as World Vision, and also head for rural areas with the Chairman of the “Care to Help Foundation”, Weng Yan-Ten, who would visit Salvador at the end of this month, to distribute such basic living supplies as clothes and foods, and experience the actual life of people in Salvador. The Plan is also an initiative action dedicated to fulfilling the “quality education” and “elimination of inequality” in the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.



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