Love Expression Between Myanmar and Longgang District, CYCU Overseas Volunteers Provide Service

Love Expression Between Myanmar and Longgang District, CYCU Overseas Volunteers Provide Service in Six Countries in Summer Vacation

[Power News Reporter Lo Wei-Chou/News of Taoyuan]

CYCU Myanmar Overseas Volunteer Group has headed for Lashio in the north of Myanmar to care the local Chinese school students for the fourth year. This summer vacation, the Group also activated the “Send Love Back to Taiwan” plan to have the volunteers send local Chinese people’s feeling about missing their relatives in Taiwan back to Taiwan in written form to express their feelings of missing while far away. In July and August this year, in addition to the Myanmar Volunteer Group, CYCU would send 6 groups to the six countries including Cambodia, Salvador, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines and Japan to engage in the volunteer service for more than 120 days, and these university students are going to practice their passion and profession and contribute something to the national diplomacy for Taiwan!

Director Li Chun-Yao of CYCU Learning Service Center mentioned that once when the Myanmar Volunteer Group was providing service to the Chinese people in the north of Myanmar, a local noodle shop boss talked about that he had relatives in Taiwan, who moved to Longgang District, Taoyuan City during the Civil War, where is now known as “Loyal Military Dependent’s Village”. Therefore, this year, the Myanmar overseas volunteer group organized the “English Camp” at the local high school, led the high school students to care the orphanage established by the local minority, Li-Su Tribe, and also initiated the “Pass on Amorous Feelings – Send Love Back to Taiwan” to help volunteers bring the messages from the Chinese people in Myanmar back to their relatives in Taiwan in written form and also send their feeling of missing for their relatives back to Taiwan.

The Myanmar volunteer group leader, the sophomore student of Department of Finance, Wang Yen-Ting, indicated that “After learning the senior’s experience during the training for a whole year, we realized that the history and persons of Myanmar were so close to us, and the isolated force in Myanmar had relatives living in Longgang District. In consideration of the emotion and blood relation, we decided to initiate the plan to send love back.”

CYCU provided the services to the Chinese school in Myanmar primarily by the “English Camp”. The group designed a series of active and interesting English activities to help the Chinese school students interested in English and develop their qualifications for future employment. Meanwhile, by upholding the mission to enable “the locals to serve the other locals”, the university students led the high school students to care the orphanage established by the local minority, Li-Su Tribe. The Group also won the “Outstanding Volunteer Award” by college/university group by Department of Youth Affairs, Taoyuan.

CYCU Chief Strategy Officer, Wu Chao-Ming, who initiated the CYCU international volunteer service, indicated that CYCU has sent IT volunteers to provide IT education and service in North Thailand since 2006, and these students have gone to more than ten countries including Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Mainland China, Japan, the U.S.A., South Africa and Salvador; so far, more than 300 volunteers have contributed what they learned on foreign land with their passion, professional knowledge, empathy and kindness. The six groups which are going to provide services overseas this summer vacation attended the “flag presentation ceremony” on June 16. In addition to the encouragement and praise from CYCU teachers, the overseas volunteer group of last term also passed the “CYCU overseas service globe” on to the current group, symbolizing “CYCU Love World and World Love CYCU” and representing that CYCU overseas service learning would be passed on continuously for the sustainable development of the service experience and passion!

Wu Chao-Ming indicated that CYCU encouraged its students to combine their professional learning and the spirit for benefiting others to develop the University’s knowledge responsibility and hoped to extend the positive energy from schools to the society and from Taiwan to the world and make the “People are the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan” become the solid and heartwarming strength of the national diplomacy!

(Photo provided by CYCU/CYCU International Volunteers attended the “flag presentation ceremony” to receive the encouragement and praise from CYCU teachers.)

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