Love Home Run, CYCU Purchase Shuang-Lian Pear to Promote University’s Social Responsibility

Love Home Run, CYCU Purchase Shuang-Lian Pear to Promote University’s Social Responsibility

[Reporter Peng Hui-Wan/News of Taoyuan] In order to help Shuang-Lian Elementary School, Miaoli avoid the crisis of school closeness and support the agricultural development of Shuang-Lian Community, Shuang-Lian Pear Company founded by CYCU teachers and students last year particularly promoted the local economy of Shuang-Lian Community under the business model claiming “Save Small School by Selling Pear” as a social enterprise. As a result, Shuang-Lian Elementary School survived, and such example became the new model for agricultural transformation in the districts of Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli. This year, “Shuang-Lian Pear”, worked with the public welfare trust fund to combine multiple public welfare groups to engage in the hand-in-hand activity and procurement of Shuang-Lian Pears to help Shuang-Lian Elementary School, Miaoli, also purchase the baseball gears with the fund raised from bazaar for Changbin Elementary School, Taitung and promote the knowledge about cancer for Hope Foundation for Cancer Care. CYCU organized the “Love Home Run – Happiness” on September 7 to call on all circles to participate in the activity, hoping to integrate more power from various circles and hit the love home run to spread the charity wider.

The “Shuang-Lian Pear Social Enterprise” guided and incubated by CYCU engaged in selling the high-quality fruit online and via the tangible channel, namely Shuang-Lian Community, under the “Shuang-Lian Pear” brand, and fed the operating revenue generated from the sale back to the elementary schools and local farmers. In 2016, it generated the turnover in the amount of NT$4 million successfully, resulting in the growth of pear farmers’ income by about 10%. Meanwhile, it fed NT$200,000 back to Shuang-Lian Elementary School, Miaoli, which was dealing with the crisis of school closeness, and renovate the education in the rural area.

The century-old elementary school in the rural area of Taitung County, Changbin Elementary School, which trained the excellent national baseball players for Taiwan, including Chen Yung-Chi, Chen Chun-Hsiu and Su Wei-Ta, had to deal with the problems of budget shortages and unsustainable baseball tradition. In order to communicate the society’s charity resources wider, Shuang-Lian Pear Social Enterprise, with the assistance from “KEDP Charitable Trust”, worked with Hope Foundation for Cancer Care, SinoCell Technologies and Run Yu Social Charity Business Foundation to purchase Shuang-Lian Pears and donate the pears to Changbin Elementary School for the bazaar to raise the fund to support the participation of the school’s baseball team in competitions and replace old baseball gears.

Assistant Professor Li Ming-Yen of CYCU Department of Business Administration, who executed the bazaar, indicated that at the same time when the social charity was gathered through the strategic alliance, more people could taste the delicious Shuang-Lian Pears and also realize the philosophy upheld by “Shuang-Lian Pear Social Enterprise”, mitigate Shuang-Lian Elementary School’s crisis of school closeness, enable the baseball players of Changbin Elementary School to get closer to their dream, and spread the love wider.

CYCU Chief Strategy Officer, Wu Chao-Ming, who has engaged in promoting the Service-Learning and university’s knowledge responsibility, indicated that CYCU encouraged teachers and students to fulfill the university’s social responsibility; it helped the indigenous people in Fuxing Township, Taoyuan sell juicy peaches of Lala Mountain online in the past, and now helps the rural area elementary school and peach farmers in Miaoli via the social enterprise, hoping that teachers and students could combine their profession and love to make a better world. The “Home Runs of Love, Pears of Happiness” is organized in hopes of calling on the society for more power of love.

Principal of Shuang-Lian Elementary School, Shen Yi-Cheng, indicated that Shuang-Lian Pear Social Enterprise had visited Shuang-Lian Community and worked with the peach farmers of the Community, donated fund to the school for the local characteristic education. As a result, it was well received and attracted the youth farmers to return to their hometown and increase the resources for Shuang-Lian Elementary School’s students to successfully solve the crisis of school closeness. Principal of Changbin Elementary School, Taitung, Yen Cheng-Yung, stated that the baseball team of Changbin Elementary School was facing the shortage of budget and had no gear at all. The baseball was sewed again and again, and each player wore spiked shoes in turn. Notwithstanding, they still insisted on fighting for the baseball dream; the baseball team’s persistence moved the charity group and the group raised fund to purchase pears for bazaar, in hopes of making the rural area children’s baseball dream come true.

This year, Shuang-Lian Pears were recognized by such channels as Hyper-Market Division of Taiwan Sugar Corporation, ego888 of Taiwan Sugar Corporation, Shu Guo Nong Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Non-toxic farming and greenbox), and city’ super and, therefore, would be sold at the stores of said channels throughout the nation to invite all people to help the rural area elementary school and promote Taiwan’s local agriculture. (Order: Please call 07-522-6139, 03-265-1892, e-Ordering:


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