Maker Practicing, Microfilm and Tabletop Games, Business Administration Integrated

Maker Practicing, Microfilm and Tabletop Games, Business Administration Integrated

2017-01-24 07:29 United Daily News Reporter Cheng Kuo-Liang/News of Taoyuan

CYCU Department of Business Administration combined the master program’s professional courses and local senior high schools’ courses to help the senior high schools develop their characteristics. Photo/provided by CYCU

CYCU has engaged in helping the junior high schools and elementary schools in the district of Taoyuan develop their characteristics. The Department of Business Administration of College of Business took the initiative to combine the master program’s professional courses and local senior high schools’ courses by maker practicing, microfilm, experience camp and interactive games to demonstrate each school’s characteristics individually. The benefited schools included Yang Ming Senior High School, Dayuan International Senior High School, Yung-Feng High School, Fudan High School and Neili Senior High School.

CYCU worked very hard to help these senior high school students. Meanwhile, to be in line with the 2018 Transformation of Taiwan High School Curriculum, 20 students of the MBA program were led by 7 professors, including Chiu Yu-Ching, Li Ming-Yen, Tseng Shih-Hsien, Chen Chin-Yi, Kao Yi-Cheng, Fu Meng-Hsuan, and Liao Pen-Che, to reside in 5 senior high schools. The 4 graduate students including Chuang Chiu-Hsin planned the practicing courses, including airport service and campus marketing for Dayuan International Senior High School.

Dayuan International Senior High School develops the second language as one of its characteristics. Because the school is near to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the students of MBA program suggested that the school should develop the foreign language tour guide based on the resources about the airport’s characteristics, surrounding scenic spots and transportation needed by tourists, in order to integrate what the senior high school students learned and be more challenging and interesting. Chuang Chiu-Hsin said that the course taught them that business administration was not only practiced in the industry but also could be developed in the field of education.

Yung-Feng High School has engaged in developing the “i Mirco-Feng” microfilm recently. The graduate student, Cheng Chun-Chih conceived the “i Micro-Feng Oscar Award” and promoted it outside the school in order to upgrade the public awareness of “i Micro-Feng” and build the microfilm of Yung-Feng High School as the national senior high school campus microfilm platform. Principal Lin Yu-Feng indicated that the microfilm was a formal selective course offered by the school, which may teach students to solve problems by teamwork and train students to explore and establish the sense of art. He looked forward to continue cooperating with CYCU in the second half of this year.

The four graduate students including Lo Tzu-Hsiu learned the life education together with the students of Yang Ming Senior High School through the tabletop games and “Yang Ming KTV”. Principal Yu Wen-Tsung indicated that CYCU graduate students discussed the life education from different points of view, and he believed that such cooperation could make the senior high school students experience more profoundly.



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