Play and Learn with Orphanage Children, CYCU International Volunteers

Play and Learn with Orphanage Children, CYCU International Volunteers Contribute Charity in North of Myanmar

The most attractive part as an international volunteer is across skin colors and languages.6 students from different departments of CYCU formed the Myanmar International Volunteer Group and headed for Lashio in the north of Myanmar for the third time to provide the local Chinese school students with the education service through active and happy English song singing and gave the 24 children of the local orphanage an unforgettable memory. They said that they hoped to continue the meaningful “hand in hand Service-Learning” activity in the future.

Department of Youth Affairs, Taoyuan funded 10 volunteer groups to provide volunteer services in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam this summer vacation. The 6 students from different departments of CYCU were led by Teacher Li Jui-Chu to form the volunteer group engaged in providing services for 20 days in Cambodia.

In order to continue the charity from Taiwan, CYCU Service-Learning Center worked with the local schools, including Lashio Hei Meng Long High School and Lashio Guo Min High School, to gather the local youth to take the 9-day seed service training, and construct a wider charity service network with the lift-style simple English teaching and simple English song singing to enable more people to continue the volunteer service in orphanages.

Teacher Li Jui-Chu of CYCU, who led the team to go abroad, said that when seeing these big children who were shy in fact forgot the desire for material and also fear. In order to make the little children of orphanage understand what they were teaching, they spoke English with body language and dancing to interpret what they were teaching. For them, the experience refers to a real growing process.

Yang Cheng-Hou of Lashio Hei Meng Long High School indicated that the activity made him break through himself. He used to be a shy person and was very afraid of standing on the stage; however, for the orphanage kids, he dared to speak English songs aloud on the stage and even lead the performance.

Hand in Hand for Service and Borderless Love, CYCU International Volunteers Extend Their Charity in North of Myanmar. Photo provided by “CYCU Service-Learning Center”

The six CYCU volunteer students said good-bye reluctantly at the closing ceremony that after visiting this place, we realized how fortunate we were!

The freshman of CYCU, Wu Ching-Ying, indicated that whenever seeing the students of Myanmar worked so hard on learning, she felt embarrassed. I owned too much, while I forgot “cherish and value”.

Director-General of the Department of Youth Affairs, Chen Chia-Chun, mentioned that Taoyuan City encourages the youth to walk out of Taoyuan and see the world through the subsidy plan to upgrade the young students’ global views and ability to practice; for the relevant rules, please inquire with Department of Youth Affairs.


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