Taoyuan City Government Work with CYCU to Provide Service for Estimation

Taoyuan City Government Work with CYCU to Provide Service for Estimation of Contract Capacity Without Charge

Update: 2017-03-17 8:34PM

[Epoch Times news on March 17, 2017] (Reported by Epoch Times Reporter Hsu Nai-Yi in Taoyuan) In order to deal with the crisis of insufficient power supply in summer, the dispute over electricity rate hikes increased constantly. Department of Economic Development, Taoyuan City worked with CYCU Department of Electronic Engineering to estimate the reasonable “contract capacity” of business and non-business places without charge from now on until the end of May this year (2017) to avoid wasting resources and saving electricity bills. In order to encourage users to participate in the project actively, Department of Economic Development, Taoyuan City provided additional favorable treatments, announcing that the users who participated in the “Contract Capacity Trial Estimation Consulting Service” and were found to save power in May or June this year, compared with the same period in last year, may participate in the lottery draw and the prize totaled NT$100,000.

Director-General of Department of Economic Development, Taoyuan City, Chu Sung-Wei, indicated that training power saving student volunteers formed an important cycle of the power saving movement promoted by Taoyuan City. He said that generally speaking, it was difficult to calculate the minimum value of the general contract capacity, but we could find out the reasonable value based on the frequent maximum demand. Meanwhile, Chu Sung-Wei also suggested that the user should reserve some flexible space when cutting the contract capacity to avoid the penalty rendered by TPC for excess of the contract capacity and should set the contract capacity after verifying his/her power consumption at various intervals.

According to CYCU, the business places and non-business places which apply for the service only need to prepare their electricity bills for the most recent two years which identify the “frequent contract capacity” and “frequent maximum capacity” (in the case of a community, the application should be filed in the name of the community’s administration committee, and no application by individual or household will be accepted), and send the scanned electronic file containing said information to Energy@ee.cycu.edu.tw by the end of May this year (for environmental protection, please file the application via email, and no written application will be accepted). Please do identity “electricity bill contract capacity trial estimation” in the email, and also the applicant’s email and contact No. The group consisting of teachers and students of CYCU Department of Electronic Engineering will provide the consulting service about contract capacity via phone without charge. For more information about the adjustment of contract capacity, please refer to https://goo.gl/pxCb3O.

Responsible editor: Lu Mei-Chi


Source: http://www.epochtimes.com/b5/17/3/17/n8934917.htm

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