Tiptoe Love in “Myanmar”-English Camp for Three Classes in Myanmar

Tiptoe Love in “Myanmar”-English Camp for Three Classes in Myanmar

Summarization of CYCU Service-Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Tiptoe Love in “Myanmar”-English Camp for Three Classes in Myanmar

Service Recipient

Lashio Hei Meng Long High School, Lashio Guo Min High School and Li-Su Orphanage

Service Hours

A total of 648 hours (Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

June 29, 2016~July 25, 2016

Number of service recipients

About 54 persons

Motive of Service

1.  Myanmar has been opened to outside world rapidly recently and, therefore, English became a very important professional skill. As students, supporting the local prevalence of English education should be an assistance program that was more likely to be feasible, innovative and sustainable.

2.  To respond to the local students’ passion in service, promote self-care in Myanmar and sprout the service spirit locally indeed.

3.  National barrier was held as the primary difficult in practicing the self-helping program locally. We hoped to boost the sustainability of caring and service activities based on the assistance from various ethnic groups locally.

Summary of Service

To lead the Chinese school students in Lashio to know about the Service-Learning spirit, learn organizational activities, share the skills in leading activities, lead the Chinese school students to design English camp activities, and show the activities together with them to the orphanage of such minorities as Li-Su Group, so as to boost the exchange with the Myanmar people and shorten the gap between both parties to achieve sustainable service.

Mode of Service

Demonstration of English activities: Enable the Chinese school students to know about the activity design preliminarily through the complete demonstration.

Teaching about service activity organization: Enable the students to verify the activity design steps and notes to the activity leader.

Preparation and release of the proposal: Practice how to draft the service scheme and upgrade the verbal expression ability.

Group discussion about the contents of activity: Guide the students to learn teamwork and integrate what they learned from the courses to their practices.

Inspection about the contents of activity: Enable the students to upgrade their ability to assess and modify the activity programs through inspection and feedback operations.

Cooperation in the English camp: Enable the students to demonstrate the English service activities completely and experience the orphanage children’s life.

Introspection: Guide the Chinese school students to share their thoughts about the activities and learn from each other to realize the trueness of Service-Learning.

 Effect of Service

Students have learned how to organize the complete activities.

Develop the Chinese school students’ vision about ethnics and boost the ethnic exchange.

The Chinese school students would practice their ideas about service into action.


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