Huanshan Social Welfare Foundation Volunteer Recruitment

Huanshan Social Welfare Foundation Volunteer Recruitment

◎      Subjects

Senior high (vocational) school students or above who have passion for service.


◎      Service Hours

Mondays~Fridays, 08:00~12:00 and 13:30~17:30


◎      Service Location

Angel stations throughout Taiwan and the headquarters


◎      Contents of service

(1)     Home-based service volunteers: Extend care and visit, accompanied to medical visit, maintain nails, bed baths, housework/repairing work

(2)     Administrative service volunteers: Manage used resources, administrative affairs, extend greeting by phone, sort out invoices

(3)     Activity assistance volunteers: Caring service on festivals, year-end party for the old solitary members, social service activities, fund raising on street


Any one may file the application subject to his/her own interest or specialty.


◎      Registration

(1)   Phone/Fax: Please contact the volunteer section of the headquarters in Taipei (02) 2836-3919 or any angle station throughout Taiwan

(2)   Online:  Please download the registration form from the website of Huanshan Social Welfare Foundation (

◎      Contact Person

Chen, Hung-Yi, Volunteer Section, Public Relations Social Resources Dept., Tel. No.: (02)2836-3919, Ext. 218


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