Landseed Hospital Volunteers Under Recruiting!

Landseed Hospital Volunteers Under Recruiting!

Subject: College/university students

l  Service location and hours of Landseed Hospital volunteer group

  1. Service location: Pedestrian Walkway Square; outpatient areas and Arts & Cultures Area of Outpatient Building; information desk and inspection area of Medical Building
  2. Service hours: morning shift 08:30~11:30; noon shift 13:30~16:30; night shift 18:00~21:00 (18:30~21:30)

l  Service locations and contents of student volunteers:

  1. Pedestrian Walkway Square: Loan, maintenance and alcoholic disinfection of wheelchairs, assistance in escorting patients to the outpatient areas, and other tasks.
  2. Physiology Examination Room at B1 of Medical Building: To help the patients’ registration and give directions (including various inspections, e.g. enteroscopy and gastroscopy).
  3. Arts & Cultures Area: To guide the introduction to and protect the exhibited arts at 18:30~21:30 from Mondays to Fridays.
  4. Irregular activity supporting: To organize the festival caring activity each year (e.g. Caring the old activity on the Double-ninth Festival and caring activity on Christmas).

l  Principles for student volunteers’ duty:

  1. The student volunteers’ service hours are same as those applicable to Landseed Hospital volunteer groups. Should there be any questions, the student volunteers may inquire the volunteers on site.
  2. The duty uniform is placed at the registration counter. Please collect it before performing your duty, and return it after work.

l  We welcome no more than 6 students to provide service in the Hospital at night from Mondays to Fridays. The students may engage in volunteer service in Pedestrian Walkway Square, Physiology Examination Room at B1 of Medical Building and Arts & Cultures Area at the same time.  Notwithstanding, the other service hours will need to be arranged separately.

l  For the Pedestrian Walkway Square group, 2~3 students will provide service in the Hospital in the morning of Monday, afternoon of Monday and morning of Saturday, or any other time limits.

l  Contact person: Senior Social Worker Liu, Tzu-Hui (03-4941234#8114)



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