What is the lead-time work for the services?

What is the lead-time work for the services?

Before initiating the service activities, please note the following:

Knowledge about competency: After verifying each team members’ major (specialty), choose the service recipients to enable each member to apply their majors to the individual cases completely.

Knowledge about service recipients: Preliminarily verify the specific service recipients, including why the unit is established and what business it practices. Only by verifying said issues beforehand, you may control the correct direction when confirming the needs in the first interview.

*   Single contact person: Verify the service recipient’s contact person, and delegate one key contact person for the team responsible for communicating with the service recipient. Given the single contact person in the process of service, no inconsistent communication of messages shall arise.

*   Keep the two-way communication: Verify the service recipient’s need, and also enable the service recipient to understand the services we provide; maintain fair two-way communication to reduce any unpleasant circumstances in the process of service and provide fair service quality.

*   Adjust service attitude: In the event of any dispute arising between the service recipient or team member in the process of service, please keep acting humble, provide services with kindness and patience, and solve problems by making good use of communication skills.


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