Center for Teacher Education Chung Yuan Christian University

Center for Teacher Education Chung Yuan Christian University

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Center for Teacher Education Chung Yuan Christian University, Angel Heart Sport Games of Counseling Section of 21st Term

Service Recipient

Angel Family of Angel Heart Family Social Welfare Foundation

Service Hours

A total of 36 hours

(Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

October 29, 2016~October 29, 2017

Number of service recipients

About 85 persons (including social enterprises)

Motive of Service

“Love is in the needs of others to see their own responsibility.” Mother Teresa (1910~1997). We hoped to develop our vision for the school through the service learning program of students and practiced our care into action. We saw our own responsibility in the needs of all service recipients’ needs and made every endeavor to enable the physically and mentally disordered and their families to access the support of social resources.


Summary of Service

It is impossible for the angels to change their disability forever through their lifetime. The disability results in the difficulty and challenge varying depending on the development of disability. Therefore, the best way to help the angels is not to provide multiple remedial measures against the angels’ disability but to change the parents’ attitude in dealing with life and guide the parents to lead the angels and their healthy siblings to move forward toward the wider life. The family members are led to interact with each other through the activity and, therefore, have the chance to relax and rest. This parent-child sport games provide parents and children with the chance to brainstorm and exercise their bodies, and have fun in fulfilling missions by experiencing the cooperation between parents and children in person. Meanwhile, the angel families are able to know and interact with each other more closely, and make friendship and support with each other so as to provide the angels with support mentally and help the angel families solve difficulties and work with each other on the long journey.

Mode of Service

The angel families are grouped. Meanwhile, the volunteers lead the various groups to play the games related to the various topics about Pokemon GO, e.g., some to produce cheer megaphones and some to work with parents to fulfill missions. The group that succeeds in breaking the games would receive the Pokemon Go stickers. Finally, the awarding ceremony would be held to confer awards to encourage all participating angel families.

Effect of Service

From the volunteers’ feedback on the activity, encouragement from the parents, and behind-the-scene photos, we saw that the angel families got their unforgettable memory from the activity. As the helper, we also grew therefor and realized that the significance of service learning should reside in the “service” and “learning” to be attended evenly. The Angel Heart will also continue to work with Teacher Tsai Hsiu-Ling in these programs. On May 13 this year, we are going to take the field trip together with the angel family to allow more students from the Center for Teacher Education to join the service learning altogether.

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