Student Association of the Department of Teaching

Student Association of the Department of Teaching

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Student Association of the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) at Chung Yuan Christian University

Service Recipient

Chung-Yuan Elementary School, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City

Service Hours

A total of 600 hours

Term of Service

January 23, 2017~January 25, 2017

Number of service recipients

About 36 persons

Motive of Service

  The Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) at Chung Yuan Christian University was founded in 2002 as the first university major for training the global Chinese education workers. We, as children growing up and living in Taiwan, must have heard the phrase “People are the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan”. Therefore, we hope to provide service and feedback to the society with gratitude and pass what we learned and also our passion on to the child students. We try to arouse the student’s motive to learn and interaction and mutual respect between each person, in hopes of helping them exert their potential and form their characters so as to strengthen the child students’ self-efficacy as the incentive for them to make progress in the future. The “service learning” is used to being the project that the Student Association has been working hard on. We keep providing service to junior high school and elementary school students as our primary service recipients.

Summary of Service

  “What Can I Do” is the creative winter camp co-organized by the Department and Chung-Yuan Elementary School, which offers such diversified and creative courses as ceramics, calligraphy, paper cut and circular fan, and also designs a series of barricades to teach the children the Department’s knowledge and energy and create a beautiful memory for both parties.

Mode of Service

  The contents of service may be briefed into four major aspects: 1. Creative courses; 2. Courses about thinking ability; 3. Physical education courses; 4. Timetable.

1.                    Creative courses

(1)    Creation of circular fan: To complete own circular fans by hand drawing.

(2)    Ceramics: To learn how to make ceramic work by following the teacher’s instruction.

(3)    Production of spring couplet: To enable the trainees to know about the four treasures for study, and write spring couplets, calligraphy and greeting idioms.

(4)    Paper cut art: To learn the multiple paper cutting patterns, including window blossoms and sakura, to experience the secrets of paper cut.

(5)    Hand-drawing coaster: To complete own coasters by hand drawing.

2.                   Courses about thinking ability

(1)    Ice-break game: To enable the trainees to know the team leaders through simple clever games.

(2)    Field games: To help them think through such barricades as classification of words and solution tasks.

(3)    Idiom: To upgrade their knowledge about idioms through creation of idiom stories and matching.

(4)    Treasure hunting game: To enable the trainees to learn from the barricade.

3.                   Physical education courses

(1)   Energetic morning exercise: To teach the trainees hot dance to make the trainees more energetic.

(2)   Physical education activity: to enable the trainees to achieve the effect of exercise through such game as the dodge ball competition.

Effect of Service

1.     By the group activity, we train each trainee’s teamwork spirit and leadership.

2.     The trainees receive a lot of precious experience and unforgettable memory after the activity and learn to grow from it.

3.     The volunteers learn how to communicate with others in the process of preparation for the activity, and conquer each challenge through cooperation, feed their passion for service learning back to the society and pass on their service spirit.

4.     The contribution from each person, no matter trainee and volunteer, makes this activity successfully.

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