“Lu Xu Ai” Volunteer Team

“Lu Xu Ai” Volunteer Team

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

“Lu Xu Ai” Volunteer Team

Service Recipient

Zhongli Elementary School and Nei-Ding Elementary School

Service Hours

A total of 63×15 hours

(Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

September 26, 2016~June 9, 2017

Number of service recipients

About 65 persons

Motive of Service

It has been one whole year since “Lu Xu Ai” Volunteer Team was founded. The Team has had consistent supported from the faculty and students’ parents. Both of the two elementary schools give us high ratings. This semester, we are going to continue the service program applied in last semester. In other words, we would continue to provide the service-learning program for one semester in Zhongli Elementary School and Nei-Ding Elementary School.

Summary of Service

Upon recommendation by the instructor, Teacher Chin, we work with Zhongli Elementary School and Nei-Ding Elementary School within Zhongli District to perform the course remediation plan with respect to Mathematics and English for the child students doing poorly in their lessons, in order to help them grow in coursework and character.

Mode of Service

We would test the service recipients before performing the plan in order to find out the students’ blind spot of knowledge. We proceed with the guidance on a one-by-one basis as much as possible and also combine Junyi Academy platform when providing interpretation. By the two-way “input” made possible through the combination of online video and analysis understandable by volunteers and the “output” from adequate exercising, we check the students’ learning result and remedy the service recipients’ blind spot of knowledge effectively.

Effect of Service

The child students make significant progress in their coursework. The schools and parents are very satisfied with our service. We will continue to perform the plan and keep amplifying our service team to practice better counseling work.

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