Here Come the Big Friends

Here Come the Big Friends

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Here Come the Big Friends

Service Recipient

World Peace Association, Zhongli

Service Hours

A total of 40 hours

(Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

October 1, 2016~December 31, 2016

Number of service recipients

About 10 persons

Motive of Service

Out of the intent to extend care for children, a group of university students full of passion and charity wished to have the children secure brand new experience through a series of activities. The children not only fulfilled their sense of achievement through the DIY project but also realized that there were still many kind people in the society willing to provide help and care. We expect that these children could become one of the members who are willing to provide help.

Summary of Service

1.     Make good use of recyclable resources and create the new value vested in them.

2.     Enable the children to learn how to exchange with others through interaction in the group.

3.     Train the healthy diet concept.

4.     Figure out “As you sow, so will you reap” by means of planting in person.

Mode of Service

Organize about 5 activities.

On October 22, the first group activity was opened to enable them to know each other to narrow the gap among them, and whether to organize the activity by group should be decided depending on the number of participants.

On November 5, the second activity, namely the introduction of fruits and vegetables, was organized to establish the basic concept and then teach the children to plant the fruits and vegetables that could be harvested in about one (1) month.

On November 19, the third activity, namely art work, made them find pleasure in making things through the DIY and learn how to act independently accordingly.

On December 3, the fourth activity, namely harvest of the fruits and vegetables, taught them to cook the fruits and vegetables and learn about the endless mother nature.

On December 17, the fifth activity, namely the quiz show, taught them to recall the skills learned by them previously to review what has already been learned and also learn something new. Finally, a warming ending was fulfilled after every one shared his/her own feeling with the others.

Effect of Service

1.     Enable the children to understand the pleasure in getting along with others to help them work with others in the society in the future.

2.     Learn and enjoy the sense of achievement from doing.

3.     Enable them to realize that the society is full of charity, and also their parents’ hard working.

4.     Enable the children to experience how to apply what they learned physically and, therefore, to learn independently.

5.     Train the fair personal value.

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