Jiang Xin Bi Xin

Jiang Xin Bi Xin

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Jiang Xin Bi Xin

Service Recipient

The Carpenter’s House of Taoyuan County

Service Hours

A total of 240 hours

(Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

February 25, 2016~May 30, 2016

Number of service recipients

About 5 persons

Motive of Service

The disadvantaged group is used to being identified as an important issue about the modern society. In order to improve the disadvantaged group’s life, we choose one of the Carpenter’s House channels, namely a bazaar market, and add the online channel and the tangible channels found by the Team in order to proceed with the social marketing and feed what we learned back to the society and upgrade the Team’s added value, in hopes of seeking the maximum expenditures for disadvantaged groups in the duration of the service.

Summary of Service

The Team integrates the contents of services available on various platforms with respect to the second-hand and cultural & creative industry market, and sets up tangible booths and online platforms, and provides customized and DIY services. We conduct the STP, SWOT, 4P and 4C analysis in order to perform the centralized marketing with respect to the target population groups interested in public welfare activities. By upholding the “Return to Nature”, we call on the people to remember the role played by Mother Nature, which might be ignored frequently. We incorporate the natural elements to the products and communicate the philosophy to consumers via the products, and integrate the recycling philosophy into certain materials applied to the products and sell the second-hand and cultural & creative products to satisfy customers’ needs primarily, in hopes of earning sufficient fund for the disadvantaged group.

Mode of Service

The fund earned therefrom will be spent in public welfare activities on the whole. In addition to helping the service entity with the bazaar of second-hand goods, we also develop the cultural and creative products that uphold the philosophy about nature primarily, and integrate the role played by Mother Nature, which is frequently ignored and adopt the materials correspondent to the Carpenter’s House’s recycling philosophy to engage in green marketing.

Effect of Service

We achieve the publicity effect through the bazaar, and promote and enable more people to join, understand and concern the non-profit-making organization working with us, and act pleased to donate their second-hand resources to the organization.

We add the booking system on FB to make more people to access the information online. The consumers may purchase the products they desire in a timely manner and thereby raise their willingness for shopping, help the Carpenter’s House increase its sale volume, and also raise the fund.

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