Love and Care Tandem

Love and Care Tandem

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Love and Care Tandem

Service Recipient

Love Icare Co., Ltd.

Service Hours

A total of 900 hours

(Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

September 15, 2016~June 23, 2017

Number of service recipients

About 50 persons

Motive of Service

As it is difficult for the public to understand the “escort” service provided by Love Icare Co., Ltd. and the company is often misidentified by others as a public welfare group, the company hopes to establish a set of identification system and a series of marketing activities, including online marketing, video marketing, advertising marketing and word-of-mouth marketing, in order to better signify the company’s corporate identity and increase the company’s exposure rate. By doing so, the target customer groups might understand the escort services communicated by Love Icare Co., Ltd. more rapidly and order the services from it and the customer groups of Love Icare Co., Ltd. Could increase therefor.

Summary of Service

Characteristics of Love Icare services: To have the elderly group escorted by the matured-aged group, recruit the “matured-aged” group already retired from work and establish the bridge for the “older take care of older”, and identify the matured-aged group as the heart classmate. For “preventive care”, Love Icare hopes to help the elderly who are still able to manage their daily lives on their own learn from Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, so as to defer disability or brain degeneration. According to the SWOT analysis, we conclude three major challenges encountered by Love Icare Co., Ltd.

Namely, being identified as a public welfare group in terms of its corporate identity, lacking uniform brand vision style customers, and difficulty in accessing the detailed information about its escort services.

In order to solve said problems, we establish a complete set of identification systems for Love Icare Co., Ltd. to strengthen its corporate identity and image, and also re-set up its official website to provide comprehensive information accessible by users.

Mode of Service

We help Love Icare Co., Ltd. propagate its management philosophy by four marketing approaches and increase the customers ordering its services.

Online marketing: We adopt the online marketing as the most common medium applied to the customer group targeted by us. Websites and FB fan clubs are identified as the most popular marketing channels for the time being. Therefore, we hope to take advantage of the strengths of online marketing, low-cost and rapid communication, to communicate the information to the media and audience and thereby increase the exposure rate of Love Icare Co., Ltd. and upgrade the public awareness toward Love Icare Co., Ltd.

Video marketing: Love Icare Co., Ltd. has not yet produced any publicity films or animation and, therefore, it is impossible to effectively communicate the philosophy and services of Love Icare Co., Ltd. effectively at present. We produce the 2D animation featuring the interesting plots, in hopes of communicating the information about services and correct corporate identity of Love Icare Co., Ltd. to the audience within 60 seconds before the audience become distracted, and propagating the philosophy about escort in the plots therein to inspire the public.

Advertising marketing: To have consumers impressed about the brand and services of Love Icare Co., Ltd. via various advertisements, and become interested in and concerned about the brand and services, and willing to purchase the services.

Word-of-mouth marketing: To have the consumers trust the product information and brand, and communicate Love Icare Co., Ltd. by word of mouth to the public to arouse the relevant consumers’ reliance in Love Icare Co., Ltd. and willingness to purchase its services.

Effect of Service

With respect to the customer group (the white collar), we conceive the slogan “Parents Happy and You Relieve”, and also establish the identification system for Love Icare Co., Ltd. and produce the business card, poster, DM, video and animation for it. As we are still working on it, there are no specific figures about the advertising effect for the time being. Notwithstanding, we will continue to increase the FB fan club members by virtue of animation, video and FB advertisements, and then introduce the customer group via the FB fan club into the website to have the in-depth knowledge about Love Icare Co., Ltd., in hopes of increasing the number of consumers ordering the services provided by Love Icare Co., Ltd.

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