Show Ingenuity

Show Ingenuity

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Show Ingenuity

Service Recipient

The Carpenter’s House

Service Hours

A total of 220 hours (Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

March 22, 2016~May 27, 2016

Number of service recipients

About 100 persons

Motive of Service

We generate a variety of rubbish in our daily life, including desks and tables, cabinets and wooden furniture, etc. Given the defective recycling system in the past, the disposition of rubbish primarily adopted incineration or landfill. 99.5% of the wood making the furniture was imported from rainforests, and the import volume amounted to 6 million cubic meters per year, affording to fill up a Xueshan Tunnel in whole. The primary exporting countries of wood included Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Canada. 這些地區的書中多數熱帶雨林及針葉林(??). Besides, in consideration of the trading transportation, Taiwan also helps increase the global CO2 emissions invisibly.

Upon investigation, we finally targeted at the Carpenter’s House as our cooperating counterpart. The counterpart upholds the same environmental protection philosophy claimed by us and also acts kindly and considerately, as it offers the physically and mental disabled with job opportunities and encourages them to overcome their defects, congenital or acquired, as what is claimed based on its core value “helping persons and things not eliminated recover the value they deserve”.

All of our team members are touched by the philosophy upheld by the Carpenter’s House. Therefore, we reach the agreement on cooperation with it through active negotiation. We hope to teach the public knowledge to help realize the importance of environmental protection in an emotional way and also propagate the House’s love and care through marketing of second-hand wooden handicrafts.

Summary of Service

1. Propagate the philosophy about environmental protection and second-hand goods.

2. Propagate the Carpenter’s House’s philosophy to upgrade the public awareness toward the House.

3. Promote the second-hand wooden work made by the Carpenter’s House.

Mode of Service

Primarily propagate the philosophy about second-hand and recycled goods, and secondarily help the sale of recycled woodwork. The two channels, tangible booth and online booking, are available to buyers. For propagation, in addition to the fan page, we also shoot the teasers and utilize the blackboard in the classroom at Chen Chih Hall as the channel for promotional activities. For sale promotion, in addition to the coupon offered by the Carpenter’s House, we also announce on our fan page that more postcards will be available if the viewers leave messages under the teasers and tag friends. Meanwhile, we also engage in the promotional activity providing the chance of lucky draws for sharing of posts.

Effect of Service

1. Cash inflow: 4262

2. Publicity coverage: Views on the fan page – 770 times

Online reach: 2950 persons

Fans giving a like: 229 persons

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