Creative Service with Care Design

Creative Service with Care Design

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Creative Service with Care Design

Service Recipient

The Carpenter’s House of Taoyuan County

Ai Jia Development Center, Taoyuan County

Service Hours

9*30=270 hours

(Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

May 28, 2016~August 25, 2016

March 2, 2017~May 1, 2017

Number of service recipients

About 60 persons

Motive of Service

Take the initiative to care others and exercise the professional knowledge learned from the class; establish ideas for interior design in a creative manner, and develop the professional areas in the process of servicing, practice the knowledge we learned, and also help the service recipient improve its environment, realize the importance of social service, and train its understanding of and care for the disadvantaged group.

Ai Jia Development Center renovates the sink, “Jiu Ai Hao Yong”: The existing sink is too high and, therefore, users have to stand on a bench to help use the sink. Such sink is not suitable to the Center students. Besides, the lower edge of the sink is so low that it is difficult for wheelchair users to use the sink.

The display window of the Carpenter’s House “reusable”: The existing environmental protection second-hand bazaar shop is nearby the avenue where many vehicles would park temporarily. Therefore, it is difficult for consumers to find and take note of the shop. The appearance of shop should be improved to solve the problem, and the display window may be utilized to promote and communicate the spirit of the Carpenter’s House, “reusable”.

Summary of Service

Uphold the purpose of “care special needs and design special care” and the spirit of care for design to care the environmental topic about environmental protection; care the fair-universal use and call on students to participate in the service learning activity about “creative service with care design”. Exploration: 1. Engage in the case study to explore the relationship between various styles and structures. 2. Engage in observation and practicing to verify the decoration materials and structures. 3. Engage in service learning activities to practice the professional knowledge. In May 2016, we headed for the Carpenter’s House to perform the environmental protection display window work, and improved the presence of the shop in order to propagate the spirit about “reusable”. From March to May 2017, we headed for Ai Jia Development Center to perform the sink renovation work separately to provide the non-interrupted accessibility to the physically and mentally disabled. We apply the professional knowledge to the community service through teaching, in order to fulfill the “design professional service and fulfill their care through creative ideas”.

Mode of Service

We propose the four improvement approaches in the process of providing the service, namely 1. Site survey – to verify the status of site; 2. Conceive proposals – to suggest the improvement methods; 3. Implementation-to perform the construction work on the site; 4. Feedback and record-to discuss the program. We hope to have the learning in class practiced on the site physically by virtue of the service learning process. The knowledge learned from classes may be validated by the experience in the service process, and the students may find their defects and weakness in the majors they take based on their experience in providing the service, so as to stimulate their motive and efforts of learning. To make the professionals grow in the process of providing service, and understand the importance of care for the disadvantaged group’s needs by personal experience and practicing.

Effect of Service

The most direct social life experience may help students with diversified learning and application of the same to any life scenario through practicing and reflection, so as to achieve the purpose of service learning which values service and learning evenly: Experience, Reflection and Knowledge.

Complete the renovation work for the access-free sink and fulfill the friendly environment by the universal design to solve users’ trouble. The team members realize that the design is “to listen” and “listen to needs and solve problems”. Both parties realize through provision of the service that the secret of design of professional service resides in its elements that seem ordinary but are extraordinary actually, and the fulfillment of care with creative idea.a

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