E Shi Sui

E Shi Sui

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

E Shi Sui

Service Recipient

Ruth Society for Disability Services

Service Hours

A total of 3120 hours

Term of Service

September 1, 2016~June 30, 2017

Number of service recipients

About 68 persons

Motive of Service

Ruth Society for Disability Services is a nursing home dedicated to taking care of the physically and mentally disabled ranging from young to old people by the bodily care, mental guidance, and consolation of soul, and providing the complete career transition services including early treatment, education and elderly nursing. Ruth Society instructs trainees to learn about living and work independently, and works with communities to plan the four professional workshops including Ruth Bakery, Hope Farm, Laundry and Cleaning. Ruth Society’s source of revenue primarily relies on the nursing subsidies offered by the government. Notwithstanding, given the increasing social welfare groups and increasingly unstable subsidies from the government, many social welfare organizations have to adopt the self-sufficient operating model. Therefore, we are going to help the Ruth Society develop as a social enterprise to help the products produced and marketed by the trainees independently thrive in the society and thereby benefit more people who need help.

Summary of Service

The service provided by us was intended to develop the public awareness about Ruth Society. By DM design and promotion, operation of website, shooting of publicity film and establishment of identity distinguishing system, its brand identity was upgraded and thereby increased the consumers’ brand awareness toward it. Meanwhile, the merchandising of bakery products (sweet pineapple cake, and pineapple cake) expanded its source of revenue. As a result, the Society’s learning environment was improved to help the trainees grow in a safe and well-founded learning environment.

Mode of Service

We consisted of the students from Department of Business Administration, Department of Commercial Design and Department of Electronic Engineering. Students from Department of Business Administration utilized their knowledge about marketing and planning to draft the proposal for Ruth Society, provide the various marketing approaches applicable to it, organize the “pineapple cake blind test” and help it conduct market surveys. Students from Department of Commercial Design designed an identity distinguishing system exclusive for Ruth Society that integrated with Ruth Society’s core philosophy. The Logo, DM, internal and external packaging of products, handbags and Thank-You Note were all designed by them skillfully in person, which made Ruth identity more distinguishable, complete and integral. Students from Department of Electronic Engineering helped Ruth modify the old website’s structure and improved the order function of Cart to make consumers feel more convenient when accessing the website as they could see the pictures and details about the commodity online and place order directly, and to upgrade the interaction between customers and Ruth Society.

Effect of Service

The effect of service is categorized into the following:

First of all, the image marketing includes “identity design”, “application system” and “publicity film”. The identity design consists of the “core slogan” created based on the core concept “Des glaneuses”. The “Logo” exclusive for Ruth Society was designed based on the core concept too. The “Colorful Plan” defined that the colors in the “Des glaneuses” by Jean-Francois Millet should be based by all designed works. The application system consists of the “packaging design”, the internal/external packaging and handbag designed based on “Des glaneuses”. The “commercial photography” helped Ruth Society shoot the photo of products to make the product integrate the sense of “Des glaneuses” and look more pleasing. The “Thank-You Note”, a little surprise for consumers, was placed inside the packing case to extend the trainees’ greeting to consumers and thereby made the product more heartwarming. The “DM” introduced the profile of Ruth Society’s products and how to order the products. The publicity film about Ruth Society’s identity was broadcast to upgrade the awareness about the Society to the public and to help the public know more about Ruth Society. Secondly, setup of the website and improvement of the defects in the website helped the access to the website become more flexibly and conveniently.

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