Primary Culture Service Team – Discovery of Hakka Cultures

Primary Culture Service Team – Discovery of Hakka Cultures

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Primary Culture Service Team – Discovery of Hakka Cultures

Service Recipient

Child students of Xin Shui Elementary School, Puyan Township, Changhua County

Service Hours

A total of 674.5 hours (Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

January 21, 2017~January 24, 2017

Number of service recipients

About 60 persons

Motive of Service

The history course taken by elementary school students from 1st grade to 6th grade primarily teaches them about the knowledge about Taiwan at the very beginning. Notwithstanding, the various characteristic folk cultures on this Island are becoming increasingly weak. In order to enable the children to know more about the Hakka people, customs, habits, architectures and festivals, we wish to take the chance of the Camp to provide the elementary school students in the educational priority areas who receive few educational resources with the chance to learn diversified cultures and experience early-stage Hakka leisure activities.

Summary of Service

The Camp engaged in interpreting the Hakka cultures in all respects, e.g. the tough spirit, festivals and unique cuisine, in order to enable the children know about Hakka customs and habits, and also teaching the children to sing Hakka songs and DIY of Hakka handicrafts, such as paper umbrellas and colorful cloths, in order to enable children to understand the source and application of Hakka characteristics and exert their creative ideas to create works of their own style.

Mode of Service

The service attendants were responsible for the design of courses, which was categorized into dynamic and static courses. The dynamic courses included the DIY of Hakka handicrafts and the field games integrating with Hakka leisure activities for the children, while the static courses were taught in classrooms in the form of PPT interpretation, learning sheet, quiz contest and broadcasting of film to enable the children to know about Hakka cultures, customs and festivals, folk stories and Hakka tough spirit.

Effect of Service

To teach the children to integrate their own creative pictures into the handicrafts made by them to enrich the works and make the Camp a unique Hakka leisure activity, e.g. Bamboo chopsticks gun, cloth sandbag, and field games integrating with quiz of knowledge about Hakka cultures, so as to strengthen the children’s impression about Hakka cultures. To tell Hakka stories, involving such topics as obedience to the elderly, being honest, and that what goes around comes around, to teach the children about proper attitudes. To introduce the Hakka history, foods, festivals, architectures and tough spirit to the children on the class one by one.

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