Start from the Heart

Start from the Heart

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Start from the Heart

Service Recipient

Huashan Social Welfare Foundation/service to the elderly living alone

Service Hours

A total of 60 hours (Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

October 29, 2016~December 5, 2016

Number of service recipients

About 100 persons

Motive of Service

The service recipient was located from the data provided by Department of Statistics, Ministry of Health and Welfare, which showed that “the elderly living alone” totaled 2,426 persons in Taoyuan City, while the elderly living alone in Zhongli District accounted for one-third of the total population, i.e. 718 persons. Amazing at the high proportion of the elderly living alone in Zhongli, we started to understand the status of the elderly living alone in Zhongli through the activity “Start from the Heart”. Our general knowledge about the elderly living alone is completely taught by books and communicated by the media. As far as the elderly are concerned, their body functions are degenerated and movement ability decline. Meanwhile, psychologically, the elderly are categorized into optimistic and pessimistic groups. In society, the elderly should be respected, as the elderly have wisdom and contribute to and have experience in raising the next generation. Therefore, when looking for the service recipient, we primarily contacted the organizations taking care of the elderly living alone to concern and understand the status of the elderly living alone through these organization, and to contribute our efforts to help them.

Summary of Service

1st visited service recipient.

1.      Verify the overview of the service recipient.

2.      Chat with the elderly and help them organize their living environment roughly.

3.      Teach grandfathers to do finger manipulation.

4.      Cook curry meal for grandfathers to improve their meal.

5.      Sing military songs with grandfathers and watch old photos with them to share their old memory.

Mode of Service

Visit the home of the elderly living alone on weekends and holidays. Plan various activities helpful for the elderly physically and mentally, and help them organize the living environment at the same time.


Effect of Service

1.      We provided the local elderly living alone with more plentiful daily life and mitigated their mental problems, such as loneliness, anxiety and depression, to help the elderly live more healthily. We hoped to arouse more concerns about the local elderly people living alone through the simple charity service and the elderly live more healthily and happily.

2.      Our awareness of social responsibility was enhanced and teamwork upgraded accordingly. Meanwhile, our awareness of concerns about social problems was cultivated potentially and we benefited from the accumulated experience and self-growth at the same time.

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