Seed Life Caring in Action Camp “Go! Dream Monster Island”

Seed Life Caring in Action Camp “Go! Dream Monster Island”

Summarization of CYCU Service Learning Team in the school year of 2016 – for groups

Team Name

Seed Life Caring in Action Camp “Go! Dream Monster Island”

Service Recipient

Dong Li Church, Yuli Township, Hualien County

Service Hours

36×21=756 hours

(Team members x service hours per member)

Term of Service

July 25, 2016~July 29, 2016

Number of service recipients

About 50 persons

Motive of Service

To help students provide services directly through the action plan, train seed life caring volunteer workers, organize the passion and competency for helping others, establish the correct idea about life caring to exert their strength positively, extend care and love in the process of self-growth and fulfillment of community service and care, and inspire students’ concern about others and the society and practice holistic life caring, by adhering to the concept about service learning. Besides, with the experience in providing services in Dong Li Village, Yuli Township, Huanlien County in summer vacation from 2013 to 2015, students understood the limitations on the local child students’ life resources and learning inspiration in Dong Li, Hualien and, therefore, wished to continue the service to help the children, high-risk and disadvantaged family in the rural area and sprout the local cultures thoroughly, enable the children in rural areas to know about themselves, and upgrade their recognition toward themselves and understanding about self concept. Therefore, the Team headed for Dong Li, Huanlien in 2016 again to organize the child camp activity for learning, inheritance and service about the local cultures.

Summary of Service

The activity refers to a 4-day camp activity. The camp members consisted of 7 teachers from the Counseling Center, 21 volunteer workers and 50 children. The Camp was themed at “Self-identity and Spreading of Dream”, in order to enable the participating children to know about themselves, upgrade their self-confidence, verify their position in the team and perceive their own personality, etc. Meanwhile, after making them know about themselves, the Camp led family members to know about occupation to enable the children to know various lifestyles and expand their vision. The Camp also advised them that all professions should be regarded equal and any professions or dreams should worth practicing and coming true. The children also wrote down their dreams or professions desired by them in the future, and were encouraged to move forward toward their dreams, and never give up.

Mode of Service

The courses and activities for the first two days of the Camp focused on self-identity and awareness of their own personalities. The latter two days focused on the knowledge about professions/works. By teaching them about self-awareness and self-identity, the Camp finally achieved the ultimate of “spreading dreams” in steps and thereby the target that was initially became gradually became clear. The activities provided by the Camp were multiple and integrated with various field games, group activities and drama shows, etc., and also enabled the children to learn from the games through group discussion, group mission and drawing, etc. The activities were mostly led by the team instructors, in order to inspire the children’s own thoughts through discussion and strengthen their impression of various concepts. In the afternoon of the third day, the Camp arranged the visit to the camp children’s family to further verify their daily needs and family background to make the children closer to their family. In the process of the visit to family, the Camp saw the children’s act different from what they behaved in the Camp and church, and searched, judged and understood the children’s real needs therefor, in order to provide assistance or guidance.

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